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Monday, April 1, 2019

Friday afternoon I left work early to meet my sister and niece (they also had my boys) to see DUMBO! It was Courtney's birthday and since her husband had to coach a baseball game, we decided to see a movie, order pizza and have cupcakes/presents time at their house....

It is seriously unreal what Disney can do with movies these days. It was so good!!

 Cade was excited , I promise. haha

and this little guy is ON THE MOVE. So close to walking full time!

the faces he makes also crack me up...

Saturday morning it was time for opening day.

The Hot Rods had pics and first game at 10:30, which they won. Yay! 
Let baseball season begin...

going to be a fun year since Cade has so many of his bffs (and cousin Carter!) on his team

Cade was catcher...

it seriously was the most gorgeous day. the weather was perfect! we were outside most of the day, worked around the house then went to a friend's house where the boys played their hearts out...

and had a sleepover too. They are a HOOT!

Sunday I had to finish some of my mess I made Saturday when I decided to move furniture around and organize the boys' clothes for Spring. Charlie was a great helper. We moved a big chest of drawers out of his closet so we could use it more! It just was holding "extras" and wasn't easy to access. Our cordless Dyson is seriously one of the most used items in our home. We've had it for about a year now and I'm OBSESSED.

Also switched the boys' dresser since Cade has more clothes + ball uniforms, etc... so he really needed the bigger dresser now that Charlie doesn't have all that "baby stuff" (which we had in these drawers before. The Ikea 8 Drawer Hemnes dresser (we purchased in navy - limited edition several years ago) is the best for organizing diapers, etc.. and using as a changing table too which we did)

I also had just received a Wildtree kit. Usually I host parties since I had a sweet customer who's a rep or I'll attend Wildtree parties where you put all the kits together and leave with 10 freezer meals. This time I told her I really didn't have time to host a party , but I'd love to try the new "Summer Slow Cookin" kit. If you're not familiar with Wildtree, it's all organic seasonings and sauces and focuses on helping you meal prep and meal plan HEALTHY meals. Tastes amazing! 

Here's everything in my kit, then it comes with a list of what you need to buy at the grocery store to make your "freezer meals". It even gives you labels to put on your gallon ziplock bags/freezer meals with everything you'll need at time of cooking, cooking instructions, etc... Then all you do is throw the ingredients into a crockpot and voila! 6-8 hours later, you've got dinner. Easy peezy.

After looking at the BiLo weekend sale flyer, I realized most all of the meat I needed was on major sale for Saturday & Sunday of this past weekend. Me and Charlie made a bee line for BiLo yesterday evening and then I just decided to prep everything right then and there. It took me about an hour but now I have 10 freezer meals (well 9, because I left one in my fridge to cook this week) that I can pull out easily and have (healthy) meals planned during crazy baseball season!

Worth it. 
So yeah a productive, fun busy weekend and now I can't even believe it's April!

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