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Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday again! This week seemed like it went by so fast. We had a lot planned and the most important event was our monthly Wine Down Wednesday at Sugar. We had a fun Pop Up Shop with Dwell Chic, who designed our entire new store location about three years ago and also helped me with drapes in our master bedroom. Here's a few pics of how it went and what else I've been loving this week...

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it was such a fun night! 

// two //

After WDW, I had a hair appointment yesterday morning that I was definitely looking forward to. It literally makes me sit down for two hours and even though yes, I still work some on my phone I can actually catch up on some things in peace. 

I had so many highlights in my hair that it was just looking too light, too brassy and growing out TOO fast, so it was time to take it back dark with just a few light caramel highlights. It was quite the process and yes, I had to color it all over to cover the GREY! Grey hair, yes. I've had grey hairs for 3+ years now and it's only getting worse thanks to me being exactly like my grandma Hall (who I never remember having anything else but gorgeous silver locks). Love how it turned out. 

This was the picture I went to keep growing it out for Summer :)

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A product I've used for about a month now and can see results from: Obagi's Professional-C Serum. One of my bestie's told me how she had used , loved and even showed me her results so I knew I had to give it a try. I had a coupon code + some of my bday money, since it's not cheap. But hey, IT works. I can definitely tell it's fading my melasma and sun spots that I constantly deal with! Improves the look and texture overall and goes right under your makeup in the morning. A serum that absorbs so quick into the skin. A little drop goes a loooong way!

// four // 

Today we launched NEW ARRIVALS over at, along with fun baseball tees for all of you baseball fans (or baseball moms - yep, there's a cute tee for that too :) Love this cute #ootd

// five // 

We put up a bit of our Easter decor over the past week and Charlie now asks every day "When is the bunny gonna come eat deez carrots?" hahaha I think I may have put everything out too soon. Essh.

I'm certainly ready for Spring and Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I always look forward to hosting a big Easter lunch here! The only thing I do NOT love about Spring is this pollen, which is currently killing me right now. Helloooo runny nose, watery eyes and a head nearly about to explode. Fun times but hey, if Spring is near I'll take it. SO. READY.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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