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Friday, March 8, 2019

// one // 

Sugar has the CUTEST new styles this week, including these amazing Carly Cropped Jeans in the most fabulous green. We've even styled them ten different ways over on Sugar's blog!

// two // 

currently listening to Maren Morris' new album, GIRL, on repeat. 
AH-mazing, just like her last album Hero. She's definitely one of my favs!!!

// three // 

What have we been watching? 
Well I definitely started back on Season 2 of Very Cavallari last Sunday night...

Chad, me and the boys have loved watching John Legend on The Voice this season! A lot of great talent, it's one of our favorite things to watch together

// four // 

ohhhemmmgee. Y'all know I'm a documentary nerd. I'm especially obsessed with health documentaries and this one is one of the best I've seen. "The C Word" directed by Meghan O'Hara and narrated by Morgan Freeman. Absolutely FASCINATING and scary as hell, to be quite honest. It has 100% confirmed the lifestyle change we need to make and the one we've been working on. 

The Anticancer Book by David Servan-Shreiber (which is mainly what the documentary is about) focuses on the theory that cancer can be prevented (or even reversed!!!) by four main things:

 1) plant based diet 
gluten and sugar free // cancer cells feeds on sugar

 2) regular moderate exercise
aka just 30 minutes of walking per day 

3) reduce toxins
it's crazy the amount of toxins in everyday items we use. from makeup to household cleaners

4) stress free lifestyle 
meditate, focus more on self care and less on things that do. not. matter

Again, a fantastic documentary that's eye opening and gives great tips!

// five // 

Hopefully this lifestyle change will make me feel better about one thing in particular: being in a bathing suit. Aaaahhhh. It's almost that time, people. While I'm sooo ready for boat rides and sunshine, I never look forward to getting in a bathing suit. I usually can never find one that's comfy and comfort is KEY the older I get. 

So this is also why I will drop a good bit of money to purchase a GREAT fitting, great quality swimsuit. I have several Trina Turk swimsuits and always go back for more. I purchased this exact style in a solid pink during her End of Summer sale last year and I wore it on our Disney Cruise in December. I'd love to snag it again in this fun print. I just pulled it down off of my arms when I was laying out in the sun (which wasn't much) so I wouldn't have weird tan lines but it fits SO well and looks so good on.

So that's all for today! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend and again, don't miss Sugar's St. Patrick's Day collection :)
We'll continue to add more GREEN throughout the next week. Click that link to get to shopping!

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