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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Just a post to show how W E I R D I am because I think I'm the only woman who doesn't watch The Bachelor on Mondays, This Is Us or any other major show on tv. Honestly I haven't watched a ton of tv since we had Cade seven years ago. Before then I was hooked on Grey's Anatomy (and still a fan) but I always found myself just watching whatever Chad had on tv, watching movies on the weekend, working 24/7 or sleeping. Yep.

Then cue when Netflix came into my life in 2018.
(late in the game for that too, I know...)
Now I'm hooked on documentaries, crazy shows and watch
more G-PG movies with the boys than anything else! 

So in case anyone is in desperate need to watch something new (and free) to watch, 
this is what we've been up to lately:

This romantic comedy was really cute and family friendly. 

Dumplin was cute, full of girl power and family friendly too. If you love Dolly, it's a must!

Definitely NOT family friendly (cue the wide eyes), 
but highly fascinated is this documentary about Adderall. 
Oh em gee. 

Freakishly scary also. TBH, I totally agree it's an American epidemic no one talks about. 
Cray. Cray.

Also cray, cray: 

this documentary about a plant based diet. 

I don't think I could never do it, but it's  insanely fascinating (if you like that kinda stuff like moi) and definitely made me think twice about what I eat on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly agree with the statistics that we as humans are not, in fact, meant to consume cow's milk.

I've cut out cow's milk and drank only almond milk for over a year now and have seen huge improvements in my skin and acne.

So Chad is an NCIS obsessed maniac - cue why I don't watch much TV - he's constantly watching NCIS, Hawaii Five-O and countless other crime dramas. So of course he's now got me hooked on these Ted Bundy tapes. Talk about CRAY. We've yet to watch Abducted in Plain Sight but that's next. I've heard it's the ultimate level of craziness.

moving onto Podcasts, ladies you need to listen to Nashville native Caroline Hobby asap!

She's interviewed a lot of country music wives lately, such as Caroline Bryan, Cassie Kelley, Kailey Dickerson, Hannah Mooney and more. I've listened to them all (thanks to long trips to market in ATL) and each one has a unique, inspiring story. I love that she keeps it real (hence the name...)

Especially if you're a country music fan, but even if you're just looking for a bit of empowering girl talk. Listen! 

So tell me what do YOU recommend next since we're all stuck inside in the never-ending rainy Winter....blaaaah

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