NO MO CHEMO celebration.

Friday, February 22, 2019

After work last Saturday I went to a "NO MO CHEMO" celebration for the sweetest, dearest friend. Actually Wanda's daughter Jamey and I became friends years ago through Sugar and then Jamey worked for me briefly before she got pregnant with twins! We've all been on market trips together, had so much fun at Sugar, would go out for girls nights, etc.... Wanda also worked at my OBGYN and was literally the first one I texted when I (was clueless) and thought I was going into labor with Cade. She's helped me through so much and I literally consider her as "another mama" to me.

Right before Christmas in 2017 Wanda came into my office at Sugar and told me she told me the devastating news that the lump in her breast was, in fact, cancerous and she would begin chemotherapy first of the year. I had just had another dear friend, Reagan, battling breast cancer throughout that year as well. Whhyyyyy was all this happening? It's just all too common now. Tears streamed down my face, but Wanda never flinched. She was hopeful, full of courage and her faith never wavered throughout the entire year of chemo even when she endured so much sickness and hospitalization.

She finally "rang the bell" last Wednesday and her kids surprised her with a "NO MO CHEMO" Saturday evening at Adam (her son) and Nicole's house. Many {happy} tears were shed. Everything looked so so cute! What a WONDERFUL celebration. God is GOOD.


She was so surprised since she just thought she was coming over for a normal family dinner and there stood nearly 40 friends/family...

She has certainly been an inspiration to all...

Wanda, me and Jamey...

If you or a loved one are going through this season of life, just KEEP THE FAITH. 
It's all about FAITH OVER FEAR.
God is always in control and through a lot of prayer, support from the entire community.... Wanda kicked cancer's boo-tay and can now begin a new phase of life. 

Y'all continue to pray for her and let me know if you have a loved one I can pray for too! 

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