Big Air + more birthday party fun!

Monday, February 25, 2019

So last Monday, President's Day, kids were out of school and the post office was closed too. So I decided to take the day off so Chad and I could take Cade & friends to Big Air Trampoline park as part of his belated birthday! We had never been to Big Air ( it's on Woodruff Road in Greenville next to At Home and Frankie's Fun Park) but it was awesome (even though it was PACKED being President's Day) and the kiddos had so. much. fun. I predict we will definitely be hosting some bday parties up there in the future!

Charlie was timid about some of the bigger trampolines and laser tag rooms , but he finally warmed up to the toddler area at least and Cade was the best big brother for going in there with him and making him feel like he was "one of the big kids" :)

sweet , sweet friends. These guys have the best time together...
Afterwards, we hit up Pizza Inn because if you have boys then you know the all-you-can-eat-buffets are ideal. HAHA (my fridge stays EMPTY and they're not even teenagers yet eeeesh!)

random picture of Charlie at the dentist last week. Cheesing because no cavities! 

sometimes I forget he's only three. 

He acts so grown but he's 110% a Mama'a boy and I secretly love it. 
He's the sweetest baby, always telling me that he loves me and will just randomly put those squishy little arms around my face for the biggest hug. Best thing in the world!!!

and this silly popcorn+movie obsessed guy keeps me laughing and again, is the best big bro.
I'm always so proud of him!!!!!!

So then this past Saturday we went to Spartanburg to the cutest second birthday party for Hudson! His mom and I went to Carolina together and have been friends since. From college to weddings to watching kids grow up now. The party was so, so cute...

and the kids all had a ball...

Charlie was stuck to my hip about the whole time (cue him being a major "mama's boy") . He's a mess...

We say Charlie and Hadley (Kelly & Brad's oldest) are going to have an arranged marriage...

poor baby had to blow out his candles during nap time...haha BLESS. 
He's absolutely adorable.

Up next.... Oscar Sunday. 

Who else watched last night? So many things to discuss...
Check back tomorrow!

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