R E S T.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Piggybacking off of my last post, R E S T is going to be a huge part of 2019 and I found THIS ARTICLE by Emily Ley insightful and helpful. 

If you haven't read her book, A Simplified Life, you should. I only read three books last year (all self help. Yep, mama needs) but it truly makes you re-evaluate your routine and "clutter" and if anything, motivates you to tackle it! 

I actually met Emily last January at a book signing at market! 

She's taking the entire month of January "OFF" from social media and work to write a new book. Kudos to her. I think it's so important we all take those moments to unplug. 

Her team is posting the #simplicitychallenge2019 over on the Simplified Instagram 
if you want to join in. Definitely a great way to start the year!

How will you R E S T in the new year?

"t sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? We’ve all bought into the lie — I know I have — that success always equals “doing.” But if there’s anything I’ve learned in seeking a simplified life, it’s that rest is the foundation for meaningful days. To be the people we want to be, to accomplish our dreams and goals, it’s vital we have margin. Because without a culture of rest in our homes and lives, we’ll have nothing left to offer in other spaces of our lives." - Emily Ley

Happy getting back to work day today! 

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