Disney Very Merrytime Cruise | Day 2

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The next morning me, Chad, the boys, mom and Charles went to a sit down (no reservation needed) breakfast at The Royal Palace as the boat pulled into Nassau.

My sister, Mack and the kids decided to stay on board this day just because it may have been a lot to lug them all over Atlantis (without a stroller, because those have to stay on the boat) and they just wanted to relax by the pool, let Macy enjoy the splash pad, etc... Knew they'd have the chance later on to take them both whenever we do another cruise (because oh yes, it's going to happen....we're hooked...)

So for the rest of us we purchased "Atlantis Day Passes" (yes you have to have a pass JUST TO WALK AROUND THE PLACE NOW) so that the boys + mom's boyfriend Charles (who have all never been to Atlantis) could walk around and see "The Dig" which is their aquarium.

we were able to walk around some of the shops at the marina and surrounding Atlantis

everything looked gorgeous decorated for Christmas!

and the boys never tire of an aquarium. it really was awesome!

lots of fun exploring the grounds. good thing Atlantis is so massive, they never saw the water parks or they would have definitely asked (HAHA) Next time! Next time! We just knew Charlie was a wee tad bit too young for now but Chad and I have experienced Atlantis' water parks and know we gotta take the boys one day. Talk about fun. My mom slid down the "Leap of Faith" slide when we were at Atlantis for her 50th birthday! 

We got back on the ship around 3 or so, met up with the others and sat in lounge chairs to watch the Deck the Deck Tropical Holiday Party!

Usually they run Disney movies on this big screen all day, every day when they're not doing some sort of show.

You probably saw in the video the characters did a conga line and came around to high five the kids. Made their day! After the show we went to our rooms to get ready for pirate night!!!!

Is this not the cutest little pirate you've ever SEEN?

Our restaurant that night was Animator's Palate which may have been my favorite. There's big movie screens everywhere where Finding Nemo characters come around and actually "talk to you" . No legit. They make conversation and it's hilarious. Hilarious and genius all at the same time. So much fun for the kids!

seeing Mickey in his pirate gear was priceless!!!

I scored these pirate costumes after halloween on Zulily for $9.99 each. Score. 

Also Macy was always in our pics because she's like our third child. hahahaha love it...

also I put eyeliner and makeup on her and I am dying seeing these pics again.... *LOL ALL DAY LONG*. Aaaah, she's the cutest. No shoes and all! 

After dinner and meeting characters we actually went to the live Beauty & The Beast show and it was amazing. Definitely do not miss this if you're going on the Disney Dream anytime soon! Spectacular show. After the show we went back to the room and always ended up ordering milk & cookies (or Mickey bars, all free!) for room service.

Next up, Castaway Cay...

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