coming in HOT-lanta.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

the title: if you haven't listened to "Coming in Hot" by LeCrae & Andy Mineo then you should. Needs to be your theme song for 2019. Get it girl! 
(and yes I love rap music.)

So on the 10th I drove to Atlanta for gift mart and had the best day ordering new fun items for Sugar + attended an amazing seminar hosted by Waiting on Martha's Mandy Kellogg Rye and Two Friends St. Simon's Marti Tolleson. It was awesome. I never have much time to attend fun seminars or fashion shows during apparel mart, so it was nice to take the time to do so at the gift show.

We did pick up an awesome bath bomb line + new books that have arrived this week in store! 

So around 4pm I checked into the hotel and waited on friends, Beth and Ally to arrive. Next it was off to dinner at SunDial and to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!

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Yep, this was like my sixth time seeing JT (and I think Beth's seventh...maybe eighth) and our second just during this Man of the Woods Tour! I can not stress this enough though: if you have not seen him in concert yet - make it a bucket list item. Seriously. He is hands down one of the best entertainers of our time and puts on an ah-mazing show! Worth. every. penny.

T.I. came out during the show and we all went WILD. Again, I love rap music what can I say?
It was a fun night but you can tell we're getting old because we were all in our pjs by midnight! haha

came home the next day and snuggled with this little sack of sugar so it was the perfect way to kick off my "birthday weekend"....

more of that coming up next...

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