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Friday, January 4, 2019

I thought I'd round up my 2018 favorites by categories! 

movie | "A Star is Born"

PSA: If you haven't seen this movie in theaters, then you better 1. watch it snag aaaall the Oscars this month and 2. rent/buy it on DVD when it comes out Feb 19. This was hands down, my favorite of 2018 and I felt like we watched a LOT of movies. This took the cake. 

book | "Girl Wash Your Face"

I read (well, listened...) to several awesome self-help books in 2018 but this one was my FAV. Read it. Can't wait for her new book, Girl Stop Apologizing, in March!

gadget | Dyson DC34 Handheld 

I have a different cordless Dyson at home, that I use everyday, but this handheld was a business purchase for Sugar in 2018 and oh my, we have used the heck out of it. I love that I can take it and use in my car too. Works. SO. well.

podcast | Christy Wright's Business Boutique by Ramsey Solutions

Mousse  (a tie for both)

is the bomb and only $12.99. That's a true sunless tanner you have to put on, let sit then wash off in a few hours and you're good to to. The TANtilizer is like a bronzer you spray on. This bad boy is perfect when I'm wearing heels (ok, flats...) and jeans and need the tops of my feet to not look stark white (LOL). You just spray some there and then I spray , blend a little on my neck/chest if wearing lower tops. Not orange at all. Really flawless!

beauty product for face | Purple Emu Blemish and Redness Control 

I'm not sure if I'll ever be without this stuff. OMG. If you suffer from adult acne, like myself, this is gold. It doesn't smell great (smells like sulfur) but it works FAST and dries any blemish up overnight + reduces redness. Seriously a miracle worker. Also it's $36 for just .5 oz , yes, but a tiny tiny bit goes a long way so it lasts me for months. I only had to buy two to last me throughout all of last year and it was worth every penny. 

dang, I could post like ten favorite makeup products because I'm obsessed , but let's just say this little $4.99 lip gloss is a game changer. So, so good. My favorite colors are Creme Brûlée and Tiramisu. You must pick some up next time you're in Ulta!

I purchased this as a Black Friday deal, but it's still on sale for $399 (regular price $529) over at BH Photo Video. It takes the BEST video (lots of vloggers use this one) and really great pics too. I took it on our Disney Cruise and got incredible photos. I'll share those soon! Love that it's lightweight and fits into my purse, but still gives me the features of my big DSLR Canon camera.

Ok so I bought these years ago but they continue to be my favorite and most worn item in my closet (#momlife). So ladies, if you don't already own these - please do yourself a favor. I've got them over on Sugar's website and they seriously are the best leggings EVER.

I loved this sandal so much in Sugar Pink this Spring that I purchased it in Jute Metallic for our Disney Cruise and literally wore it with everything. It's padded, super comfy and the slightest bit of heel on it so that it doesn't feel like you're walking on concrete. I absolutely LOVE this sandal and this Jute Metallic can be found for just $40 bucks on Amazon right now! (regular price: $90)

wearing them in this pic with a Britt Ryan dress and metallic HoBo crossbody that's my favorite

I never knew how much I needed a red western bootie. Just got these on a whim from Blossom and Lord, I have wore. the. heck. out of them. They're so comfy and go with so much!!!!! Oh and they're on sale now too. 

trip | Disney Dream Cruise 

As much as I enjoyed our cruise with friends in June (it was truly epic) and our Fripp trip, trips to West Palm, Hilton Head, etc... I would have to say our Disney Cruise was my favorite this year. It was the first and only trip last year where all of us (Chad , me and the boys) were able to enjoy the beach. Spending time with the boys and having the magic of Disney made it even extra special! We can't wait to do it again one day and I'll be sure to post all about it soon :)

this pic was taken on my iPhone 7. wait until you see the Canon G9 ones!

song | "Castaway" by ZBB

This isn't a new 2018 song but it was MY song for 2018. We went to the Bahamas twice and I just loved the line in this song that goes....

 "Ride the waves like we’re young

‘Cause time flies by and soon we’ll be older

It’s better to live in the moment

Than stuck in the past

Fast asleep as the world passes by"

Yep. I rode every slide on every cruise (even if the water was FAH-REEZING at Castaway Cay in Dec on the Disney cruise. YOLO) and I even tried new things like renting a car and driving around West Palm Beach. Time DOES fly by and the only way to live this life is in the moment. 

Ready to find a NEW SONG , make new memories, try new products and just live. it. up in 2019!
Happy Friday, y'all.

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