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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

Twenty freakin' nineteen.

A new year. A new, fresh start. 

There's something so invigorating about the first page of the new year, but guys I've got a confession to make. I have fallen short of "invigorated" or "inspired" or "joyful" over the past few days, to say the least. I've been in quite the funk. Is "holiday postpartum" a thing? Asking for a friend. 

I say it every year... that I'll be more prepared, I'll slow down more to enjoy it all, etc...but with Sugar growing faster than I could keep up (which is a HUGE blessing, thank. you. Lord.), I just couldn't keep up with both that and my own personal "TO-DOs" over the holiday season. (read: I don't even know what in tarnation I got most people for Christmas, left two presents at home on Christmas Day that were for my sister and bro-in-law and I also just found one of Chad's presents, um, today! *insert the hands in the air emoji*)

I felt as if I was barely holding my head above water.

If it weren't for taking some time out for this cruise and turning my phone off for four solid days , spending nothing but uninterrupted quality time with family? Well, I may or may not have had a nervous breakdown. So that's another HUGE blessing... 

This trip. This precious, priceless time we had together. 
God knows exactly what you need, when you need it. 

His timing is always perfect and for that , I am always so grateful. 

Disney Dream Cruise | Dec 8 
I came back refreshed, calm and ready to tackle the busiest season. 

**insert screeching tires here**

Flash forward to post Christmas and our house is an absolute disaster. There's still boxes in the corner full of cruise souvenirs, mixed in with Christmas presents? Wrapping paper? Wait... is that an old sucker stuck to our bedroom curtains? 

The store is an absolute disaster. Chaos and clutter everywhere I look. To the point I couldn't even "roll" my chair because there's mail, books, gifts, clothes in the floor all around me. I seriously didn't know where to begin. 

Add into that the fact that my body / mind feels like absolute CRAP. I've ate so much fast food + caffeine to survive the season that I've put on several pounds and feel as if I'm in a fog. Aaaaall that got me feeling pretty down in the dumps this past weekend. I really was just so sad Christmas was over! Did I even soak it all in? It FLEW by. 

Mom guilt flooded in: "I didn't make a gingerbread house with them. We didn't go see Christmas lights anywhere. Why didn't I take them to "do all the things?" ...

Mamas, WHY do we do this to ourselves? Absurd

I've went into complete hibernation over the past few days and tried to...

1. rest (both my body and mind)

2. declutter / make sense of the chaos

3. undecorate both our home + Sugar

4. clean and purge (as much as possible without falling out from exhaustion)

I'm still far from being done and I really feel like I've just spent days working just to get things somewhat back to normal. Spending quality time with the boys has been the absolute best therapy as well. I took Saturday and NYE day off work and also tried to take a break from social media over the weekend. We went to see Mary Poppins Returns together, did a little shopping and just spent NYE in our pjs. Again, total hibernation but my sanity depended on it. 

SO, all that being said I've decided to pull myself together by looking back at all of the AMAZING MEMORIES from 2018 + the goals I set for myself to see how much we've accomplished as a family. I'm telling you - anytime you do that, you're guaranteed to feel better because ladies we are all hustling and doing big things, whether it's in our careers or our kiddos, fun with friends, relationships, etc.

 2018 was definitely one for the books. 

Here's a look at what GOALS I set for myself LAST YEAR and a recap:


1.  I have absolutely got to eat better. Exercise is a plus too, but cutting out so much sugar + fast foods + carbs is a must. (I mean, over the holidays here at Sugar we were eating CFA every single day, it was awful. Well, not awful because we love CFA, but you know what I mean...) Chad and I are definitely looking to start some sort of "lifestyle change" (let's not call is diet) soon. Soon as in like, AFTER my birthday this month because what's the point of before? ;) Ummmm... so I did try to eat low carb as much as possible this past year and had success but then CFA happened again, so now that I know what works this is TRULY A GOAL FOR 2019. Lifestyle change has to happen. .Asap. I've got to feel like myself again.

2. Really have set a personal goal of trying to get back in a bikini (which I haven't been in since I had Cade 5 years ago...) before our 10 year anniversary in August. Ummm, lots of work to do. DID NOT HAPPEN. AINT GON HAPPEN. I"M OK WITH A ONE PIECE. THANK YOU, NEXT. (update: my memory proved me wrong. I did flaunt in a two piece during our Fripp beach trip...when I was only around my two children...and my mom. LOL!)

3. Drink more water (doesn't everyone say this?) But really I do need to. Going to try to add lemons to my water in the morning too. I tried. Adding in again for 2019. (*eye roll*)

4. Continue to invest in skincare and cut out as much dairy as possible to help with acne. Ok, this I definitely had success with and immediately saw the correlation between dairy and my acne. Planning on cutting it out as much as possible for 2019.

5. Stop spending so much. seriously. just random little purchases add up and I really want to go on a spending FREEZE (again, after my bday helloooo) and only buy necessary! I'd rather save up for vacations, investments, etc... I did do better with budgeting and downloaded "Every Dollar" app on my phone. Adding this as a continued goal for 2019! 


1. Plan a fabulous 10 year celebration at Sugar in April! DONE. DONE. DONE. It is one of my absolute favorite memories of 2018 and I literally tear up thinking of all the friends and family who came out to support me. Humbled and beyond grateful for such an awesome celebration , as well as other fun events where we raised almost $1000 for our local breast cancer foundation. 

2. We want to design new bags, design new t-shirts as free gifts for the event, seriously go all out. We did! It was a hell of a time and I'll remember it forever!

3. Pay off my business loan before my 10 year celebration in April. This is HUGE and I am so, so excited to be D-O-N-E. I didn't do it by my 10 year celebration, but I'll be darn I. DID. IT. No more business loan and I'm tackling several other debts as well to continue my road to becoming completely DEBT FREE. (besides our mortgage)


4. Take a special 10 year anniversary trip. Woohoooooo! We soooo need just a trip , we are soooo excited about this. So we never really took just trip with just me and Chad, but we had some AWESOME, MUCH NEEDED sans-kids trips and also a lot more date nights spread out throughout the year . Seriously, so much fun. We already have an overnight trip planned for Asheville next month and definitely will make it a goal in 2019 to take more trips JUST US and also with friends, sans kids. Of course we love our family time and want to make as many memories with the boys as possible, but we also realized this past year that adult time is much needed and again, so so much fun. 

5. Plan another big trip like we did this past year in between Black Friday and our busy Christmas season, sort of like a Christmas gift to the kids that's not monetary and makes priceless memories. YES. The Disney cruise was EPIC and a priceless memory from this past year! It also came at the most needed time.

6. Plan more fun kid-free couples trips since we haven't had one in forever. We went to the mountains with friends and on a cruise in June! 

7. Spend more PHONE FREE time with the boys! I really did spend a lot of 2017 soaking in regular ol' fun with the boys, but there's always more times I could put the darn things away. I'd love to do more "traditions" like our movie nights on Friday nights or pancakes on Saturday mornings...the little things they'll look back on and hopefully always remember. I still need to work on this because I feel like customers text me even on holidays (like today...Christmas Day...Thanksgiving...that's fine, but I have got to set boundaries for when and how much I am on my phone working)

8. Record more videos and create more family videos with GoPro, etc... Cade loves it and here lately I find myself having more pics than videos (our mom and dads took TONS of videos when we were little) and I definitely want videos for them to look back on! (but refer back to #7 because I do think not everything needs to be recorded and being device free at times is a must) We did make a TON more videos in 2018 and have lots more to make. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They're all over on my YouTube channel HERE

9. Blog more! Didn't do so great at this but again, vow to be better for my own documenting sake.

10. Go to more fun concerts with Chad and friends because that is my jam. It makes me happy, we all love music and all have so much fun together! Excited we have one coming up just next week to kick off the year.... YES. Miranda Lambert, Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris.... it was a year full of concerts and we're not stopping in 2019!


5. Finish our laundry room / finally do the laundry room remodel and have fully organized This is rolling over into 2019 once again. 

6. Purchase a new sofa (to replace our sectional we have had for 10 YEARS!!!!) + redecorate our living room . YES! This was a HUGE accomplishment. Love our new living room. Now I can focus on the laundry room  + playroom upstairs.

7. Clean out/ organize our attic because it's never completely organized, I swear. Purge, purge, purge. I definitely need to sell a lot of Charlie's clothes he has outgrown and donate, etc.... Also need to work on this more. I've done a good bit, but still a LOT more to go...


My main goals for 2019 , in addition to the ones rolling over from above, are these:

1. REST. This is my word for 2019. I feel like 2018 brought so many fun milestones which I spent countless hours planning and prepping for.  Trips, parties and celebrations. It was a lot. I served, served, served (because that's what brings me the most joy - serving others) and yet I neglected MYSELF. This year I've got to "BE STILL and listen", while also giving my body what it needs. Better nutrition, REST and exercise too. 

2. Declutter. Like for real this time. 

There's a lot more I could add, but I'm going to save for more "progress posts" throughout the year. Really just would like to sit back and let God tell me what direction I need to go in this year. With  no trips or celebrations or "must dos" on the agenda this year , the calendar is WIDE OPEN and I can honestly say it really is breath of fresh air.

Finally...I see that "white space" everyone speaks of.

That's what I've secretly craved.

That's what I've desperately needed.

Let's do this! 

"Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things..." 
Psalm 98:1

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