Christmas F U N :: part two

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas Eve, the boys were SO excited to go to Mimi & Papa's!

we chowed down on bbq chicken, ribs, and steak because Papa is the grillmaster!

then it was presents time!

Mimi & Papa got Belk Bowl tickets!

and after all the gifts, Charlie was just as excited about a popsicle! haha

then it was time to put out cookies & milk for Santa. 

The next morning the boys were SO excited to see what they had asked for:

Cade : a computer
Charlie : a Hot Wheels race car track with a shark (?? yes, it's a thing)

I swear I thought Cade was going to cry...LOL 

(Santa brought him a refurbished iMAC from a computer shop in Abbeville. Definitely going to come in handy as "the family computer" since I only currently have a MacBook at home. He said he wanted a computer to do school work on....riiiiight. We all know it's for gaming and more gaming. Please.)

Santa brings four gifts: 

something they want
something they need
something to wear
something to read

Then Chad and I give them both a gift (wrapped) and then they give each other a gift , plus they have their stockings 

The electric guitar in the picture is Chad's but Cade knew that we were putting new strings on it for him so he could learn to play it :)

Seriously have you ever seen a more excited kid?

after Christmas morning we packed up and headed to my sister's around 11ish. 
There we exchange with their family + my mom and her boyfriend Charles. Shown here with Skip & Charlie...

so much love for this baby. Cade's the best big cousin...

what happens when you have big sister's hand-me-downs...

with my baby and my bestie (aka Macy! ha)

this time last year they were just a family of three, now a family of FOUR

We had an awesome brunch, fun opening presents and playing Christmas bingo!

"It's not what's under the tree, it's who's around it"

and man, isn't that the truth. 

Love watching our family grow and only wish daddy were here to see all of this. So thankful for my peeps and thankful for our HEALTH, another year and another Christmas full of memories. The older I get, the more I treasure each and every one and it's even more special experiencing it through these little eyes.

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