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Thursday, November 1, 2018

"The important thing is that we stick together" - Buzz Lightyear

When Toy Story Land opened at Disney World this past June, it got me thinking how perfect these two (Charlie and my niece Macy - just a year apart in age) would be as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. We've watched the movies a million times and Charlie goes around saying "There's a SNAKE in my boot!"

I ordered their costumes first from the Disney store over a month ago and then we knew Skip would be a cute Buzz Lightyear. Now, the only way we could get Cade to participate was tell him he could be a toy soldier and I would paint his face (hahaha)

I mean look at this gorgeous child. He is the HAPPIEST baby.

This one melts my heart. They really are best buds and have such a special bond since they've spent so much time together. 

Their faces when you tell them they have to smile in order to get more candy...

kisses from his mama are his favorite. he is a mama's boy, that's for sure!!
can not believe he will be six months this month...

 Cade's costume was from Amazon and Skip's Buzz Lightyear was $14.99 from Target since Disney Store was out of his size...

"To infinity and beyond..."

We went to Main Street Methodist Trunk or Treat in Abbeville then walked down to the square even though they had already stopped handing out candy! The kids all had a blast.

see! happiest baby in the whole. wide. world.

at this point Charlie was OH-VAH it.

I could just eat him up....

My mom went along with us too and the boys had so much fun with Grami. 
After pics on the square, Court and crew went out to eat with Mack's parents and we went to Chad's grandmother's house that's nearby since she just got home from the hospital on Tuesday (Praise!). She just had a touch of pneumonia but she's on the mend now. 

It was great to visit with her, finish our early night and be back home eating pizza by 8!

Now, it's November. Can you even believe it???

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