retail holiday craziness : week one

Monday, November 12, 2018

Like I said in my previous post, it's time for the retail craziness to begin. I feel on top of things sometimes as I've planned, planned, planned promotions for months...but then I also feel way behind (cue our store windows not even being fully decorated). 

Last week was jam packed and ended with me laid up in the bed yesterday with the stomach bug so yeah , there ya go. Never fails when I get in energizer bunny mode...the Lord always finds a way to tell me to "BE STILL". I hear ya Lord. It was definitely a much needed day of rest, but I certainly could have done without the sickness.

Anyhoo, it all started with market in ATLANTA on Monday/Tuesday so I could stock up on products for Swoon (a trunk show we do every year in Greenville) and also I shop samples over in the gift building and always get a lot of my Christmas shopping done! 

Wednesday morning I went to work and prepped for the trunk show, then Thursday around noon I was heading for Greenville! This is a behind the scenes look as to what Lindsey's dining room looks like before we set up three stores in it. Yep. Swoon is just held in someone's house with over ten small businesses set up inside. So many awesome vendors you can shop at once!

The next morning I was up EARLY to go grab more goods from the store. Lots of new arrivals that came in Thursday I wanted to take back up there!

Then I made it to Cade's Veteren's Day program before heading back up to Greenville!

Finally splurged on a WovenInVintage rug. He curates the best pieces. Check him out on Etsy. I went to school with his sister and she was there at the trunk show. Always good to see her and I LOVE MY NEW RUG.

It's not this one but I'll share pics soon...

Our Sydney Sweater is ALWAYS a bestseller. I swear it's the best sweater ever. Oh and the Kilimanjaro cardigan Caroline has on will be restocked Friday! She's the owner of FIG, by the way. Check them out too :)

It was a fun, fun time. Always great seeing my Greenville gals and always great meeting new people.

Now onto WEEK TWO of the FUN madness. We've got Holiday Open House + Wine Walk this weekend. Woohoo!

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