so about the weekend...

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Where did it go? Chad and I both worked on Saturday but then Sunday we (ok...*I*) were insanely lazy so I really didn't feel like I accomplished much, but then again we did...

Here's a breakdown: 
  • Friday night we had our three nephews since their mom (Chad's sis) was still in the hospital after back surgery Thursday. Let me just tell you a word of advice: when ordering pizza for five hungry boys...ALWAYS order one extra. These kids are like bottomless pits. We went through so many Capri Suns, cookies, and pizzas this weekend! HA They had a freakin blast. Two of the three ended up spending the night and oh Charlie thought he was just as big as the older ones, always does. I mean do you seeeee a three year old in this picture? I don't. (*cue tears*)

  • Saturday morning Chad and I both had to work so we split the boys up and yes, gamecock gear + sandals in October because #eightydegrees

  • Chad's sister came home Saturday afternoon and seems to be doing fairly well but it's definitely going to be a long road to recovery! We ended up with just Carter Saturday night and had a movie night : SKYSCRAPER with "The Rock". It was definitely high packed action but most of it so unrealistic , I kept saying "OMG, are you fo' REAL???" ha you need to watch it. The boys especially loved it.  These two are so sweet. Not only cousins, but the BEST of friends...

  • Again, Sunday I was just wore slap out after such a busy, crazy week but we did manage to get some things done around the house like cleaning out closets, dressers, finding the 3T-4T Fall handmedowns of Cade's from the attic so Charlie can wear (*cue tears again*) and we're waiting on a few more items to come in so we can completely re-do Charlie's room to a BIG BOY ROOM! I've got the bedding. The mattress arrived yesterday. Waiting on the headboard and frame. More on that later. Very excited...
  • Finally, last night I went BACK to Self for my third time in a week to take the sweetest pics of a brand spankin' new BABY (born at 3:57pm yesterday). Hannah (who use to work for me actually when she went to Lander) and husband Bailey had their second baby boy and he is absolute perfection. It's so crazy that I've seen these girls go through college, get married and now have second babies. What a wonderful blessed past decade it has been meeting new people through Sugar

Just look at these precious, perfect baby toes!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and yes, continue praying for my sis in law and also for Hannah's fam as they transition to a FAMILY OF FOUR! 

I'll post more pics soon too :)

Happy Tuesday!

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