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Friday, October 5, 2018

// one // 

My sister in law had lumbar spinal fusion surgery yesterday to correct back pain that she's dealt with for several years now. The surgery went well but it's a long road to recovery. Keep her in your prayers and pray God gives her total healing + a new back that feels like her 38 year old self, not 78! 

// two // 

Cade had two soccer games this week , the last two regular games then they will begin playoffs next week! More soccer pics coming up. I just had to share this pic because Charlie is looking so grown with his new haircut :) 

// three // 

It's been a busy week! Wednesday evening after Sugar closed I took photos of three precious sisters here Uptown. How darling! Their new baby sister was born just three weeks ago and I love how these turned out...

// four // 

I always say don't buy a ton of books, but when I do they're usually cookbooks or self help books because let's be serious I need all the help I can get. I preordered Tiffani Thiessan's new cookbook on Amazon and it was waiting on my doorstep Tuesday, the day it launched. It's a BIG cookbook, with tons of party ideas and I can't wait to dig through it! I love her show.

// five // 

Lastly, my top pic of Friday new arrivals at Sugar for the week is this simple, slouchy Kelly green sweater that's great for my Dixie girls (the high school we went to has kelly green and white school colors!) and also looks great with a pop of pink or even red at Christmas time. Oh and it's $39.99! It's just one I feel like I would wear a ton...

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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