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Monday, September 3, 2018

Blame it on the MLB game on Playstation for getting my child hooked on the Chicago Cubs!

Cade knows every single player and is mostly obsessed with Kris Bryant. He watches YouTube videos about him, loves watching any MLB baseball game on TV and of course playing baseball outside with Chad and Charlie. 

He once told me that he wanted to go to school and make a lot of money one day so he could move to Chicago and watch the Cubs play. 

Not joking. 

SOOOO when we saw the Braves had a makeup game against the Cubs on Thursday, August 30th...well, we knew we had to make it happen. 

Cade was so surprised to see not only me and Charlie, but his daddy also in the car when picking him up from school Thursday (my mom usually picks him up btw). We still didn't tell him where we were going or what we were doing, we simply told him to lay on the pillow and try to take a nap! 

The funniest part is when we finally got to our hotel , Hampton Suites right by Suntrust Park - about a half a mile and within walking distance, Cade sees people coming out with Cubs jerseys on. He freaked out just excited to see someone with a Cubs jersey on. Ohhhhh little did he know.

We got settled in and finally sat them down to explain the reason they were here. We threw a Braves t-shirt at Charlie first and told him to put it on. They were SO excited! "We're going to a Braves game??? What??" ... Then we pulled a Cubs jersey (Kris Bryant's...of course...)  out of the bag and threw it to Cade to put on...

He. freaked. out. 

YouTube video coming soon because it was so dang hilarious!!!!

We all freshened up and quickly made our way to walk over to the ballpark. Definitely recommend this hotel because it's super convenient.

Charlie was just enamored. He took it aaaaall in....that face!

This was our first time at SunTrust Park and let me just say, is so nice!

First MLB game for both of our boys too and at six and three, we felt like they were good ages.

this one stranger offered to take a pic of us and took ONLY ONE pic. Can't believe it actually turned out decent. 

It was HOT, of course, being Atlanta at the end of August....but once the sun began to go down and the breeze kicked in, it really did feel so nice.

I had so many asked where I got my shoes and yep, AMAZON. $26 bucks. Super comfy.
Click HERE for link!

Look at these sweet cheeks!!

It was a great game (even though Kris Bryant was hurt and not even there)...and the Cubs actually WON!!!!!!! Cade was on cloud nine. 

They really had the best time and thought they were little kings perched up in that hotel bed. 

The next morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before stopping by Bass Pro Shop! 

This fun family trip will definitely always be one to remember. Here's to many more baseball games in the future for this boy mama :) 

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