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Monday, August 27, 2018

The weekend FLEW by, but what a gorgeous weekend it was! 

The temps cooled off around the high 80s at the end of last week and it was glorious. The perfect night for Friday night football and it was our high school's first home game.

All of us in this pic are "Dixie chicks" (aka went to Dixie High School) except Maggie (the blonde in the back) who moved here from Kentucky when her husband came to work at Erskine College. He's the head men's basketball coach + athletic director and they have a son who plays football at Dixie! They have four kids actually, ranging in ages 5 to 18. YES! They're superheroes. 

Last year they built a gorgeous house and were gracious enough to host a spontaneous pregame at their home before the football game. The kids had a blast playing together in the gorgeous temps!!!

Charlie thought he was just as big as the rest of them. So grown! He had the best time!!!

Cade found his cousin Maddox...also both look like teenagers, geez.

with "Aunt Roof" (Ruth)....look at his little happy smile!!!!! Melts my heart.

they loved the HORNET

and can't wait to go back to another game!

Speaking of games, Cade has his first soccer game of the season on Saturday morning. It was opening day so we had pics and two games, one at 8:30am and one at 10. He's looking forward to another fun year...

playing goalie...

Sunday after church we worked in the yard, 
cleaned inside and enjoyed another pretty (but HOT!) day. 

Excited to see how Cade likes another week of school this week and we have a FUN SURPRISE for him later this week!!!! Stay tuned...

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