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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

this weekend. buhhhhhh. well, we've had better...

To kick off the weekend we did have some fun after work over at our neighbor's pool, swimming with some cousins and friends. Went home around dark and while Chad was still at the river with the men, I fed the kids pizza and I ate (what I thought was) a healthy bagged Caesar salad kit. 

Um hellluuurrr, NO. No bagged salads from here on out. 

I was so so sick the next day, like to the point I couldn't go to a friend's shower that evening. I thought I was dying and it felt like poison in my body. The next morning it was still awful and after not eating ANYTHING since Friday night , I finally kept a muffin down and was seriously craving a sweet tea, of all things. Chad took the boys fishing so I could "lay on my death bed some more" (rolling eyes now. I was pissed) but I ended up meeting my mom later on at Sugar so I could get my sweet tea fix from COOKOUT and so we could at least organize some paperwork/get my files ready for a new season. The only time I really get anything done as far as cleaning and organizing, is on Sundays when we're closed. It's amazing what you can do in just an hour or so. 

Cade and Jackson doing what they love to do best!

I felt a little better on Sunday night but only ate two breadsticks. UGH. Watched a lot of Grey's on Netflix and also this documentary which was OH.EM.GEE. Anyone else watched it? 

So crazy, so interesting and so eye opening. Not saying we're going full force Keto, but we definitely got back on our low carb train Monday and I haven't had soft drinks since either. I've gained like ten pounds since our cruise in June and it's time to get back into a better lifestyle! Still do not have my appetite back yet, but hope to try some new recipes this week and share some of our favorite low carb hacks. Maybe blogging about it will hold us accountable. 

Now, everyone go watch this...

Oh and finally, this popped up on my time hop today! Still can't believe it's August 1st already and still can't believe my baby will start first grade in a few weeks....


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