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Monday, August 6, 2018

documenting six random things from the past week.

1. I made my own laundry detergent. Ummm who am I? I also used a recipe to soak / deep clean our white Pottery Barn quilt/bedding and so yeah, our towels are brighter, whiter and more fresh. Everything smells great and I'd highly recommend this stuff. Also, cost effective. It's a win, win.

photo via Darling South Blog

2. Back to school organization continues. I deep cleaned/organized my makeup drawer, which desperately needed it. Washed makeup brushes, cleaned our closet, and made meal plans for the week ahead since we're back to low carb / keto diet. Again, who am I?

3. Speaking of organizing. For some crazy reason, I decided to truly reevaluate our finances and "organize" a budget (yeah, what the.....???). I recently read Christy B. Wright's "Business Boutique" (a fabulous book for any woman wanting to start their own business) and began listening to her podcast , plus Rachel Cruze's (Dave Ramsey's daughter). Something just triggered me and I am truly trying to finally put all debt behind me + prepare for the Christmas season ahead so debt is not an option there either. Save, save, save. Easier said than done. Download Every Dollar app if you want to see what you spend and stay on track! Up next, I'm going to read "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. Another great podcast and I can't wait to finally read her book!

sample screenshot via
Business Boutique by Christy Wright

4. Also last week I went darker with my hair , which made me feel more like myself again. It was getting way too blonde with highlights so two and a half hours later it's definitely back to normal!.This is the pic I showed her from Instagram. Maybe next time I'll get it chopped like this too. Ready for a change as the temps hopefully begin to cool down soon and Fall arrives...

5. Yesterday I racked up on some back to school deals from Nordstrom Rack. I shop local as much as possible and love my boutique items, but I also love to snag a good deal when I see one. Nordstrom Rack is my secret online go-to for deals on the boys shoes. Nike, Native, Toms, etc... I loaded up and even got the CUTEST shoes for my niece Macy. I had to have them. $19.97 (and they're Sam Edelman, my fav). Will likely save for her birthday coming up in November and bought the size for her to wear on a vacation we're taking later in the year + next Spring.

Sam Edelman Gigi Bow Sandals

6. After cleaning most of Friday night and Saturday, we had pool time + grilled out with friends. Then after church yesterday, we did the same thing all over again. Lots of sun, watermelon and soaking up the last few weekends before school starts back!

now off to tackle another week...
Happy Monday!

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