FIRST day of FIRST grade.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

For some reason today hit me even harder than last year when he started kindergarten. I don't really know why. Maybe because he just looked so grown. Maybe because in my mind I know that first grade is truly the beginning of the twelve years that simply FLIES. BY. It's big school. The number grades...and there's no turning back now! 

We really are excited about starting another year and learning so much. His teacher is Mrs. Johnson and she's been teaching for years and years (this may be her last year teaching). Oh and she is a huge Gamecock fan, so that's always a plus. She's so sweet and loving and I know Cade is going to absolutely love her. Thankful he also has some of his best buds back in his class this year, especially his new bff he made last year - Reid Lawson. 

Oh and we have a new principal at Cherokee Trail Elementary since our last one just retired, so it's a year of changes and all things new and THAT is exciting. This morning was a breath of fresh air, with everyone being so welcoming and you could definitely feel an excitement in the air. I can't wait to hear all about his first day. 

Here's a few pics we took before we rushed to make it to school on time by 7:45 sharp! Yes, school starts at 7:45 (Cade was not so thrilled about getting up early , but here's to getting back into the routine. I'm on my second cup of coffee) 

His outfit is Cat & Jack from Target! Oh and he lost his first tooth last week (bottom middle) and has a new smile for his first day :) :) :) 

forever aggravating him and trying to get a good laugh in for his first day...

and just to make me cry, here's a throwback!!!! Don't blink.

prayers for all of the teachers, faculty and students today!

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