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Monday, July 16, 2018

After working all day Saturday, I left the store about 4:20pm, ran by Corley's super quick and got home close to 5 rushing to finish up things around the house and get set up for girls' night. We usually rotate whose house we host at and I've always wanted to do a wine tasting + we watched Amy Schumer's "I FEEL PRETTY" (which is hilarious and every woman on this planet should see it). 

More on the wine tasting later because it was the easiest thing ever to set up and the key is definitely this kraft paper/chalkboard paper that I had left at Sugar from wrapping paper a few years ago. (This is why it pays to be a hoarder and never throw things away...SEE!....)

Wish I had got a pic of everyone, even though we were missing a few of the crew! This was about all we got once a few of the men came back over from being on the lake fishing all day.

Meanwhile the boys had a Mimi/Papa day and Cade even went to a Greenville Drive game with his cousins, Uncle Wayne and Papa! This boy is obsessed with baseball and had a BLAST.

Sunday was chill. Chad picked a few cucumbers that are growing right in the backyard (and so good!)...

then my mother in law gave me sooooo many sand dollars they had found at Fripp last week so I could ModPodge spray them and paint a few with the boys! 

we ended the weekend with ice cream sundaes since it was National Ice Cream Day!

digging in...

we've had lots (and lots) of ice cream this Summer.
Tis the season! 

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