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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Just thought I'd share some of my absolute favorite skincare products that have helped transform my skin over the past year or so. I am most definitely a skincare junkie and have spent so much dang money over the past decade (or more!) but I've finally found a few favorites that worked. Products where I felt my money was well spent, not wasted.

First up, at New Years I ordered this Perricone set off of QVC for about $150. The Neuropeptide Facial Conformer is around $400 alone so this was an incredible price for this set that they only offer once or twice a year. First of all I will say that it smells SO. BAD. Like almost gag, but I swear it has improved the texture of my skin tremendously. The eye cream is great and I love the moisturizer - it literally sinks right into your skin and isn't greasy at all.

I use this eye cream during the day since it has a bit of a shimmer/lightening affect to it and brightens your eye.

GLO Glycolic Facial Resurfacing Toner  is the best for acne because you can FEEL the sting and it will dry up any blemishes QUICK. It's also the best toner that REALLY seems to completely resurface your skin, for instance after we got back from the beach and I just felt my face was icky after layers of sunscreen and just salt air, etc. This will have it squeaky clean. Seriously.

Also when I'm not using the Obagi system (coming up next...) this Glo Purifying Gel Cleanser is my go to cleanser. Again, great for acne prone skin.

So yes...hands down the most transformative product, that is the HOLY GRAIL of game changers is the Obagi Nu Derm system. Yes, you get what you pay for (I only purchase when Dermstore runs a sale on it and I only buy the system once a year, at the end of the Summer to correct sun spots/melasma) and it's just hands down the best at sun spots/acne/melasma/hyperpigmentation. 

Lastly, BOTOX. I've gotten botox 3-4 times now over the past two years (since I was 32) and it has been the only thing that has completely taken away the deep wrinkles (hereditary from my dad) on my forehead. I go to Trinity Skincare in Abbeville when Dr. Wilmeth is there from Anderson. I just get the generic kind so it's not as expensive and Cheryl at Trinity always makes it a fun girls night out...

So yeah, that's my favs that I've finally found to work and I will continue to use them over and over! 

I will say a friend gave me these and I have LOVED. Random, but they just seem to work better than the usual Neutrogena ones I travel with...

Any skincare favs you're loving lately? Do share! 

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