Charlie-isms (+ birthday fun!)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Well guys, it's been the hardest birthday for me. Age one was rough, but it was like "oh hey we survived". Two was a breeze. Three has just hit me hard because I know he's my last baby and he's soooo not a baby anymore. His little roly poly arms are thinning out. He's getting so tall. He has more of a "big boy haircut" now and he's talking up a storm. He's potty trained now, wearing big boy underwear and alas...*sigh*....the Jon Jons will soon come to an end. Yet, as sad as it is, officially letting go of this baby phase and knowing we'll never return, it's exciting to look ahead because there's no doubt that three is such a fun age!!

This kid says the FUNNIEST THINGS and you know these are the things I want to record and never forget. I'll go through some of his "Charlie-isms" that I don't want to forget as I tell you all about his actual birthday on Monday!

after his haircut Monday...
So the birthday boy woke up to muffins and three candles. I got this cute plate at FIG in Uptown Greenwood! He wouldn't blow out candles or begin thinking about eating until big brother Cade woke up! He adores Cade like none other. They really are the best of friends (even though they fight daily. Sometimes all day....everyday...but yes, they love each other so much!)

Our plan originally was to go to the Upstate Children's Museum because that's where we had Cade's third birthday and even though we just went to the one in Charleston, this one is so much bigger with lots more to do. We were going to take Kayla, my store manager and bff to both me and my sister Courtney, and her son Hamp who just turned one last Thursday. It was the perfect win/win since I had to miss his party and this would be a celebration for both. Well poor baby was sick then my niece got carsick on the way to our house and we had a late start, so we just decided to do a lunch/play combo and go to Chuck E Cheese!!!!!! Cade has been DYING to go to Chuck E Cheese. Charlie? He had no clue and would have been happy going to McDonalds playground with a happy meal, seriously. I knew he would be SO SO EXCITED and he was.

My mom kept my nephew and just me, Courtney, Macy and the boys had a grand day! Macy was soooo excited, can't you tell? 

so was Cade, Lawd he was so happy...

 Macy acted like she was grown. We were laughing at her so hard. Now you TALK about a hoot! This baby girl is an absolute trip. 

and the birthday boy had the best of both worlds. His best friend Macy (because my mom has basically kept them both while Cade has been in school)... and his best friend Cade. He was able to ride small rides with her and play big games with Cade. They played and played and played.

They danced when the creepy mouse came out, no one was scared at all. They met new friends. They ate some pizza and then got prizes with all their tickets. We will definitely be back because it's the perfect size and so perfect for their ages!

One of Charlie's sayings lately when you scold him about something, he will look at you with the most concerned face and say "MAMA...ARE YOU MAD TO ME" (not "at" me, but "to" me) We've never corrected him because it's just too darn cute. He says it almost everyday even if he just thinks I'm in a bad mood. Bless his heart he may be more of a people pleaser like Cade than we thought! He certainly doesn't want anyone mad at him. Sweetness.

after Chuck E Cheese we immediately swung through the Starbucks drive thru because #EXHAUSTION (omg. fact!) then the boys desperately needed haircuts and while we were in Greenville we wanted to swing by our favorite place, Snip Its on Woodruff Road! 

much needed cut for Charlie and he looked SOOOO grown!!! (but so handsome)

then we made a Target run which was so fun with three kids - ages six, three and one (LOL) but we told Charlie he could pick out whatever (I mean, almost whatever) for his birthday and all the child wanted was bubbles. Not joking. A $3 thing of Mickey Mouse bubbles. Yep aaaand that's all he got! More presents coming up at our family dinner to celebrate him Sunday but seriously I'd rather buy him moments and memories than more and more toys. We are definitely wanting to get him a nice table for their playroom and a playroom mini makeover (aka clean up and major organization + a bit of new decor) as part of his gift! 

The kids all slept on the way home from Greenville, then as soon as we were home we basically turned right around and went to Lake Secession for fireworks (whyyyy they have them on July 2nd I have no idea, but great for Charlie). Mimi, Papa and two of our nephews met us and it was a great night. We got bbq from Southern Smoke food truck and lined up for Charlie's first fireworks. 

He wasn't scared at all, absolutely LOVED THEM. He thought they were for HIS birthday and well, we didn't tell him any different. At one point coming back in the pontoon at night, I was cuddled up with him and said ... 

"Charlie I'm a little scared"... He goes "Well just close your eyes mama and it won't be scary anymore" #GROWN

the perfect ending to the perfect day! 


just tonight while unloading groceries, he wanted to eat a Lunchables BEFORE SUPPER.

 I said "Charlie you're not eating that before your actual supper. That's not supper". 

Now mind you, he's a very head strong child and he screams to me "YES I AM!!!!" 

After rolling my eyes, per the usual, I said "No you're not. Too bad, so sad" 

Charlie: "I am NOT TOO BAD AND TOO SAD!!!!" 

How can you not chuckle at that? 

He keeps us rolling with some of the stuff he says. More to come...


He loves alligators, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, YouTube videos of kids opening toys (*rolling my eyes*). His favorite food is SWEETS. Omg this kid is going to be diabetic. He will creep to the pantry and steal a Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie in a heartbeat. 

His favorite song is "Up Down" by Morgan Wallen and we have to listen to it almost daily. Multiple times. He seriously loves music, entertains himself for the most part, loves playing baseball with Cade and he loves snuggling with his MAMA. Definitely a mama's boy. Cade is more of Chad's sidekick but Charlie is mine 100% and will forever be my baby, no matter how old he gets :) 

We can't wait to celebrate him with a little family cookout this weekend and look forward to another fun year ahead!

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