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Monday, June 25, 2018

So I'm not 100% done with the cruise posts, but I'll skip over to the day after we got back when mom, the boys and I loaded up and went right back to the coast (mind you I had just rode home from Charleston Monday) to Fripp Island. My sister's mother in law had asked me to take family pics and after Chad couldn't get more days off work following the cruise, we decided just to use this chance to take the boys to the beach since we really didn't have any other beach trips planned for them this Summer! Spontaneous, quick trip but much needed (after the cruise I needed a vacation from a vacation + I was dying to see my boys!!!!) and we had so much fun...

the first night I took the Hite's family pics then the second night we drove about 20 minutes back towards Beaufort and ate at Dockside...

the most gorgeous sunset...

afterwards the boys enjoyed walking around the marina and "looking for sharks"

love this new Lilly dress, it's the Marlowe Short Sleeve Shift in Capri Soleil and it's under $100!

we did spend one morning with my sis, bro-in-law and niece/nephew but we definitely didn't want to intrude on their family vacay. It was their first time at Fripp and they absolutely loved it too!

my mom is definitely #goals

we had a pool (and baby pool) right outside our door at the sunsuites 

Have to tell you about a sweet customer/friend of mine who recently created a miracle product (she has been in pharmaceutical sales for years and years) and recently started selling it at local surf shops, outdoor stores and more. It's called Salty Britches and she originally created it as relief for chafing for her son. Having two boys, I can testify that it WORKS. I'm addicted myself because I use it on my cuticles (especially during Winter when my hands were so dry) ,  my heels, my lips, I mean everything. My father in law used it on his dry, cracked working hands and said it worked overnight. Definitely try it if your boys have problems with chafing or if you have kids with any problem skin!

the boys loved riding the golf cart looking for deer and alligators...

and spent a lot of time at the different parks...

then one day we did something we've never done in all of our years going to Fripp! We went to the activity center where kids can see the different reptiles and (gulp. gag. gulp) HOLD THEM. 

Like, WHYYYYY is he so happy???

Cade's Lilly swim trunks HERE

Cade LOVED it.

Charlie, not so much. This is as close as he would get. HA

my mom had a fit!!!

on the way back we saw ANOTHER real alligator, just right there on the golf course. They're everywhere...

Cade looks so grown...

they seriously love it ...

and this kid keeps us laughing...

the last night we went out to eat to Bonita Boathouse right there on Fripp

can't believe he will be THREE in just a few weeks...

Saturday morning we checked out and stopped by Low Country Market & Produce in Beaufort on the way out of town. It was SO GOOD. Court and Mack recommended and yes, everyone should go. The boys had pancakes, my mom a breakfast bowl and I had the biscuit and gravy. Delish.

we walked over to waterfront park and also did a little shopping (to get Chad's Father's Day gift :) )

so that was our quick trip with LOTS of memories made. 

If you've ever lost a parent then you know how much it makes you appreciate the one you have left. My mom is a true treasure, always has been. I miss my dad every. single. day and would give every dime I have to have him here to spend just one day with his grandkids. 

Therefore, I will always take every opportunity to spend time with my mama. Everyone should. Time is so precious, life is so short. Memories we make are all we have and they're absolutely PRICELESS.

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