Carnival Cruise :: Day 4 :: day at sea

Friday, June 22, 2018

Yesterday was such a crazy day that I forgot to post! So yeah, our last day was another day at sea and we got SO MUCH SUN this entire trip. By this day we were definitely wearing hats and halfway covering up, we were getting so crisp. We really did have perfect weather though! 

pics are out of order again, but this is Reagan with her cake we had sent to her room along with the room decor! 

before dinner we all went up to the top deck to try to (finally!) get a group pic of everyone :) 
the sunset was gorgeous...

I swear I look pregnant in these pics but I assure you I'm NOT and  it's just a food baby. HAHA I gained like eight pounds on this trip because hellluuur mama loves to eat. So yes, don't be alarmed. Back to the diet  once I got back :)

truly had a blast with this crew...

So the next morning we disembarked and were home to our boys by noon!!!!
Now we are all thinking, "where to go next???"

Until next time...

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