Carnival Cruise :: Day 3 :: Nassau

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

So this was probably the most fun day just because we were able to get off the boat and EXPLORE. The whole crew met up for a sit down breakfast (I had the most amazing vanilla creme brûlée French toast) and then we were ready for NASSAU!!!!!!

This was not my first visit to Nassau, since years ago we flew down almost every year with my mom's boss/office and stayed at the Wyndham Crystal Palace Resort (now closed I think) but those were good, good times. Chad actually went with us the Summer of 2006 or 2007, when we were dating. I think through all of those trips,  I fell in love with the Bahamas. 

We didn't have any excursions booked or major plans, but just to go to a nearby free public beach to hang out - Junkanoo Beach. It's a ten minute walk from the port.

It was sort of an overcast day at first and we just ended up renting chairs and there was a fun DJ (who had us doing all sorts of relay races and games, which were a blast) and a tiki bar too. 

the pics are out of order, but this is the BEFORE pic .... before a crazy day of relay races! 
Chad and I won the balloon toss, hilarious.
had several peeps ask about my swimsuit and it's THIS ONE from Cupshe for $22!!!!
 I'm obsessed with stripes this season. Sunglasses are $20 bucks from SUGAR.

On the way back to the boat some wanted to shop at the markets, but some of us decided to stop by Fat Tuesdays ;) We got back on the boat around 3-4ish and ended up just hanging out by the pool again! Once the 6pm dining crowd went in to get ready, things thinned out and we braved the slide. I have GoPro video of it, but no pics. So much fun. 

For dinner that night we got ready super fast and I threw on this super comfy (older) Lilly dress. 

Reagan is wearing the Candy Stripe Tunic from Sugar. We were all decked out in #sugswag here! 

the best pic we got. HAHA

after dinner we hit up the karaoke and piano bar, which we LOVED.
Such a blast and at this point we weren't ready for our last day at sea...we were having way too much fun...

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