Carnival Cruise :: Day 1 :: setting sail

Monday, June 18, 2018

Whew, we've had a busy June so far, hence the lack of posts. A cruise to celebrate a sweet friend who kicked breast cancer's booty last year + a spontaneous beach trip with my mom & boys to do a family photoshoot at Fripp. It's been a fun, fun past week and a half... but alas, all good things must come to an end. Back at work today, ready to tackle this TO DO list and also ready to document/scrapbook aaaall the fun. I hope I can give some recs for anyone going on an upcoming cruise.

--yes I'm going to be annoying and do a different post for each day-- #toomanypics

So Chad and I haven't been on a cruise in eight years. We went in 2010 for my mom's 50th with just us, my mom and sister. He was surrounded by three women, so I can't say he had the absolute BEST time but he sure was a trooper and cruising to the Bahamas is always a blast. We definitely had a great time. 

We were excited to cruise again and excited for our first kid-free trip in a loooong time. Well, the longest kid free trip ever actually. In six years!!!! It was long overdue. 

This particular cruise with friends came about after our dear friend Reagan was diagnosed with breast cancer last February and began chemo on her 40th birthday, March 31st. Seriously, the UNTHINKABLE. We all swore that after she finished the hellacious year, we would re-celebrate her 40th and celebrate her being cancer free!!! God answered our prayers and she was finally cancer free / feeling herself again after numerous surgeries last Fall. We figured a Summer trip in June would be best timing and for a large group, we looked to a cruise since it's the easiest "organized fun" for all. 

Everyone could do what they wanted during the day , then we knew we would meet up for dinner at the same time each night. No discussions over where we would eat, what time, or when. It was all laid out for us. EASY. Oh and it wasn't too bad on the wallet either. We got great rates and even had an oceanview room. 

We rode down to Charleston with friends last Thursday, the 7th, so we could split parking, get there around 11am and board the ship at 11:30ish. We picked the earliest boarding time so we could go ahead and get the party started ;) 

Can you tell we were just a wee bit excited about being kid-free? 
We boarded the Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival's second oldest ship that recently underwent refurbishments in 2017.

I swear I have on a bathing suit underneath there...Kimono was from ($28) but we're out of stock! I hope to stock more similar kimonos soon... scroll down for the hat! 
Bon Voyage Hat found HERE (and only $19.99!)
Ruth and I with Reagan, our SURVIVOR! She's one heck of a woman y'all, has been through hell and back last year so it's very fitting that this was our first pic taken on the boat with our first fruity, frozen drink. Cheers to FUN and FRIENDS! Love these gals so much.

and this man right here. I was beyond excited for some QT together! 

so from around noon - 4pm we were docked in Charleston and spent time by the pool 
until we set sail, then got ready for dinner. Here's all of the girls...
We were already dying laughing about something. My face still hurts from laughing the entire trip.

our friend Amanda had special koozies and cups made! 

Trina Turk High Waist Bottom + OTS Top in Bouquet Floral

Dinner in Lilly Pulitzer's Donna Romper Feel That Beat Engineered and Chad was rocking' his Lilly too! Love the Donna Rompers so much...however I did NOT love how seasick I felt on the first night. I couldn't even finish dinner. Terrible headache also had me down for the count until I finally put on a patch behind my ear the next morning to keep the seasickness at bay for the rest of the trip! Serious miracle worker. Praise GOD we had them, because that was awful. 

So yeah the first night was cut short for moi, but Chad enjoyed all the fun that's for sure! 

After lots of rest and meds, I was back at it for Day 2, our first full day at sea....

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