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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sunday night I left out of GSP to ATL with the final destination being PBI - West Palm Beach to order Lilly Pulitzer Fall for Sugar!!!! Whew, I hate long travels and layovers .... especially by myself...but I finally got to WPB around 11:30pm. 

Two of my besties / college roommates / sorority sisters were already at the hotel. Cameron lives in Tampa, so anytime I come to WPB she always scoots over to meet me. We hadn't seen Jewitte in forever and she wanted to come along this time too! She arrived earlier on Sunday and got to catch up with Cameron. The three of us had not been together in SEVEN YEARS. Entirely too long, if you ask me. The years fly by...we've changed jobs, opened our own businesses, moved states, had four boy between us...but anytime we are all together we always pick up right where we left off. That's the beauty of friendships.

On Monday we kicked off the day with brunch at R. E. Bradley's that sits right on the intracoastal waterway and you can see the <> yachts go by. 

The fried pickles were amaze.

Then I got the blackened Mahi tacos and again - insanely good and so so much to eat. We were stuffed.

...but somehow left room for F'rose' ;) 

and ice cream. Yes, ice cream. (Have I mentioned we love to eat? Good food. Great friends. What more is there to ask for?) Sloan's Ice Cream is right next door to RE Bradleys and I knew it was a must see. I mean, could a building scream my name anymore???? SO ME.

plus the ice cream LEGIT was some of the best I've had in my life.

sprinkled cones. yes, please.

after our bellies were full , we went to the beach only to realize we couldn't really stay there bc the surf was so high and technically it was closed. We did sneak to get a few pics though (along with all the other "rule breakers" on the beach...)

(side note: it's Jewitte's 35th birthday TODAY!!!!!!!)

we went back to the hotel pool to hang out for a while and get a little sun before getting ready for dinner at Renato's! 

I've been to Renato's several times now and I can confidently say it's THE closest thing to Italy you'll find. (I studied abroad in Italy one Summer in college). The food is absolutely amazing and the ambiance is unlike anything else. It's on VIA MIZER, for Pete's sake. Like as in THE Via Mizner Lilly Pulitzer had her juice stand on. Yes, quintessential Palm Beach. 

We stopped at Taboo first (another WPB iconic restaurant Lilly, Frank Sinatra, Jackie O frequented) before dinner! 

pics are out of order but the Tiramisu? Always my favorite. 

Jewitte had Tuna Tartare for an appetizer, while Cam and I had Caesar salads. Then, LOTS and lots of pasta...and bread....carb overload....because that's what Italian food is for.

Love the new OTS Nevie Dress in Resort White Toe In 

It was a beautiful night to catch up over dinner , talk about all the "remember whens..." and stroll down Worth Avenue. 75 degrees and sunny was the high when we were there. 

The next morning Jewitte had an early flight out to make it back to Lexington (her hometown) for a big event. Cameron and I got up early as well and made our way to Lilly's showroom to view/order Fall 2018.

It looked great, lots of new changes I think everyone will be happy about! Some really fun "critter" prints. After ordering it was time to kiss the palms goodbye....

We stopped by the outlets and it was off to the airport for me (where my flights got delayed due to bad storms and it was NOT a good day of traveling. I finally made it home around 10pm when I was suppose to be home around 7. Not that bad but I was more than ready to get home to my babies!) Cam drove back to Tampa and our quick work + vacay trip was over. Gosh, savor every minute and soak it all in because time is flying by. Weren't we just in college studying for exams??? I can't believe Jewitte is 35 this year and I'll be 35 next January (Cameron is still a baby and won't be 34 until this September...) The years come and go but I'm thankful our friendship remains the same. As corny as that sounds. 100% true. 

Happy Thursday everyone!

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