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Monday, March 12, 2018

This weekend was low key and another RAINY Sunday. Ready to see some sunshine this week. 

On Friday night when I got home from work, we had movie night and rented Disney's COCO. I was skeptical about it, but it really was SO good. Disney just doesn't disappoint. The funniest thing was Cade kept getting so frustrated and would blurt out "UGH! I can't understand THIS SPANISH!" ... Legit LOL because they barely spoke Spanish the entire movie. I explained to him that he would take Spanish in school , so no worries. He was getting so aggravated but loved the movie. 

We enjoyed a bit of sunshine on Saturday and I tried to do some Spring cleaning / Spring decorating before we headed outside to play...

and I found these cute bunny plates at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago! Obsessed. Easter is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. We've got bunnies everywhere in the house now. 

Our puppy , Hank, is still doing great and loves the boys more and more every day. Seriously he's the sweetest thing...

We watched Daddy's Home 2 Saturday night! Tons of movies this weekend...

On Sunday I had a bridal shower to go to here in Greenwood for a sweet friend I worked with at the Statehouse in college. Then it was time for our 10 Year Sugar Photoshoot - the first time I think in all ten years we've done a true "employee photoshoot". I was bummed we had to do all the pics inside because of the rain, but I'm anxious to see and all of the girls looked gorgeous. Really so thankful for my team and because I made myself do full hair and makeup on a rainy day, I took a selfie to document. I really do think this is the best cut I've had in a while. Need to remember to keep it layered for when I curl it (and yes, I have naturally curly hair that I straighten and then re-curl with a 1 inch curling iron. Ridiculous, I know.) 

Some of my favorite hair products these days are: 

totally transformed my frizzy, color damaged, naturally curly hair . They sell it locally here in Greenwood at the salon I go to, Tanglez. I also love their Perk Up Dry Shampoo! All of their products smell amazing and have awesome, all natural ingredients like sea buckshorn berries.

I was hesitant because of the price, but definitely order the trial size to see if you like it. I did and ummmm.... amazing. I use it some days in addition to dry shampoo to give roots more volume and sometimes if I just dry my hair and it's too "clean" / not enough grip, I just use a quick spray and it does WONDERS for adding volume to the crown. I'm obsessed. Also I will say adding shorter layers on top helps with volume too. I'm a big hair girl, always have been, so I'm obsessed with having the most volume as possible. 

smells amazing and helps tame crazy ends + add shine right after I blow dry. I only wash my hair every other day, or sometimes go longer, and second day hair is always the best hair but if I need to tame down the ends like on Sunday for the photoshoot, I use this spray. Goooood and sometimes you can find cheaper at TJ Maxx. Tame down the ends, pump up the roots. That's my daily strategy. 

Sneak peek of some of the girls during the shoot. Of course we had AAAAALL the pink. Our signature! Can't wait to share once we see them all. The 10 Year Celebration plans are in full swing and set for APRIL 13 + 14th. YAY!

After the shoot, I rewarded myself (and all my boys) with Cookout burgers and fries. Yeah, trying to get back on the diet bandwagon this week....whoops.

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