Bassmaster Classic Weekend

Thursday, March 22, 2018

So last weekend was aaaaall about the Basstmaster Classic that returned here to Lake Hartwell and Greenville, SC (the weigh ins are held at Bon Secours Wellness Arena). It's the Super Bowl of fishing and Chad's bestest friend since nearly babies just so happens to compete in it and even won the darn thing in 2015. You can read all about that HERE as well as a little back story, etc... 

So the fan club had to go represent and support all weekend, not to mention with having two boys it is like a dream come true / best weekend ever for them. We knew how much Cade loved it back in 2015 when he was just three (and I was pregnant with Charlie) so we only hoped it would be even more fun for him + double the fun taking both. Well, it WAS!!!!!! They had a blast and have asked all day today when they can go to another "Bassma' Cwassic" - per Charlie.

Here's a recap of what our weekend looked like...

DAY 1 // Friday, March 16th

Chad left at like 4am to meet his dad and make it to Green Pond Landing on Lake Hartwell in Anderson for the Classic's first day "blast off" so they call it! It kicks off the three day event. Charlie and I took Cade to school then went to Sugar to do a little work before coming home to pack, get ready and get Cade out of school early. Yep, it's that big of a deal. Bless.

We made it to Greenville in time to stop by the expo at the TD Convention center. Tons of vendors, tons of games and such for the kids, and tons of free swag. They loved it until Charlie got pissed that Cade got to shoot basketballs for a prize and he didn't, so that was our cue to leave as he had a slight meltdown and needed a quick nap from there to downtown at Bon Secours for the 4:30pm weigh in.

We parked and trekked over to the weigh in...

Casey's son Troy on Chad's shoulders...

Charlie loved watching the boats roll in, the loud music, the lights, all of it!!

then this guy was in for quite the SURPRISE!!!!

Jason Aldean showed up for a surprise concert. It was only announced the day before and I was shocked there wasn't lines wrapped around Bon Secours but he performed for about an hour or so and the boys LOVED IT. I don't have a ton of pics because I was taking more video...

but a fun time was had by all! 

and in case you're wondering...this is what a concert looks like with a two year old. Y'all know we are all about concerts and this was certainly a different one for us, but one of the best.

We were all so exhausted by the time we got back to the room. We ordered room service and crashed. Charlie was actually out on the way there and slept the entire night! He couldn't hang. 

Day 2 // Saturday, March 17th 

Next morning we didn't have to check out until noon, so Kenzie brought Troy over to swim with the boys for a bit - I knew they'd loooove the indoor pool and of course they did. Charlie was just pissed I forgot his puddle jumpers and he kept wanting to jump in the whole time. Ayiyiyi. We have to get him in swim lessons asap this Summer. He's a little daredevil and thinks he's just as big as the older ones.

After breakfast in the hotel and a quick swim, we packed up and headed over to Southern Culture for a yummy Saturday (late) brunch with Kenzie, Troy and Kenzie's parents who were here from Oklahoma for the Classic. It was so good. I'd only been there one other time with friends and it didn't disappoint. Pimento cheese fondue + tater tots, brisket egg rolls, pulled pork nachos, crab cakes benedict. Yes, we ate it ALL!!!! SO. GOOD.

After lunch, Kenzie's crew went back to their hotel to get ready and we took the boys to Cabela's to shop for a bit instead of going back to the expo. Then again, it was time for the 4:30 weigh in so back to Bon Secours we went....ready for Day 2....

Casey finished the day in about sixth place I think, so he made the top 25 cut to fish on Sunday and it we knew it was definitely going to be a nerve wracking last day.

We came home after this weigh in to try and get some rest and the next day we had to move our old furniture to my sister/bro-in-law's house

Day 3 // Sunday, March 18th

So yeah after we moved furniture and got some things done around the house, it was back to Greenville for the last weigh in! I wore the exact same outfit I wore three years ago when he won...superstitious. 

Casey did great but just didn't quite get enough this year! He came in 8th overall and Jordan Lee took home the Bassmaster Classic champion trophy for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!!!!! 

Charlie especially loved all of the popcorn and hot dogs at the Classic. hahahahaha

Winner Jordan Lee and his fiancé he will marry in June!

ran into so many sweet friends! 

and THAT , my friends, is a wrap on the 2018 Classic. 

Whew, can you say exhausted? yeah I'm still tired and it's Thursday. 

and this has been a crazy week too with late nights - dinner with friends, Wine Down Wednesday last night at Sugar...but I soooo enjoyed a weekend with all my boys! 

Next up, we've got opening day of baseball this Saturday. Woohoo. Oh and if it could warm up again like last weekend, ummmm yeah that'd be great. 


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