meet Hank.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

...our newest family member!

He was born December 22nd and just ready to leave his brothers and sisters this past Sunday!
We know he misses them but he seems to already be smitten with these two boys...

We haven't had a dog (or any pet!) since we lost our sweet black lab, Cash (named after Johnny Cash) in 2015. We waited until Charlie was old enough to help play with a dog, not be scared, etc... and it just so happened that my sis/bro-in-law Boykin was having puppies sooooo ready or not, here he is!!! We named him after another country legend , of course :) 

Ain't he cute???

It's Cade's responsibility to let him out, play with him, give him more food and water every day when he gets home from school and this makes him so excited. It's really going to be good for him to learn to help out more and have such a big responsibility. Charlie is just so excited too , he runs and runs and Hank just tries to keep up. It's the cutest thing. He's just Charlie's size for now.  Can't wait to watch them all grow up together!! Stay tuned for more adventures of Hank...

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