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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

So for Cade's 6th birthday (YES!!! He will be SIX this Saturday *cue me falling out on the floor with hand to forehead...*) all he wanted to do was go to Monster Jam! Ever since his cousins told him about it last year, he started watching YouTube videos of Gravedigger and all the Monster Jam peeps. That was just the beginning. So when I saw Monster Jam would be in Greenville the weekend before his birthday, well I knew it was meant to be. We bought tickets before Christmas so we also gave tickets as Christmas presents to our nephews! Knew it would be a fun outing for all. (except Charlie who was left at home, poor thing, for fear it would be too loud for year, we say!)

OOTN : Karlie Outsiders Button Up + AOS Black Hawk Denim + booties from Blossom
We took Charlie to Mimi & Papa's and switched, picked up two of our three nephews. Jackson (one of the twins) was at a skeet shooting competition in Orangeburg and Wayne (his dad) scooted him up to Greenville to meet us just in time for Monster Jam. He won first place in his competition! GO JACKSON. So proud of all our boys. Love em' like my own!!!!

First up, Mellow Mushroom pizza was a must....I was craving a good meal after being stuck at home for a week and knew the boys would looooove some pizza. They so did.

this face. always my "baby cade"...

Once inside it really wasn't as loud as I thought but we all wore our noise headphones...

we had great seats!

It was so fun seeing Cade's eyes light up! 

When walking up to Bon Secours he had his hand in my hand , squeezed it and SQUEALED. He said "Mama, I'm so excited!!! It's my birthday!!!!" 


Good thing it was raining because my heart melted right there into a big ol' puddle.

I was nervous about this year as to what could possibly "top Disneyworld" (how we spent his 5th bday), but that's what I love about our Cade. He is such a content child. He would have probably been just as happy if we had taken him up to the Dollar General to pick out a $10 toy + popped popcorn / had movie night with his cousins spending the night. (I pray he is always like this...)

He really was SO excited and all the boys had such a fun night. This first-time-Monster-jammer mama even enjoyed it! We've got a few more surprises in store for him this weekend on his actual birthday and can't wait to celebrate our big boy some more.

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