Monday Mash Up.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I attempted to post this as a "Five on Friday"  but got busy (only made it to 4 and my brain gets so forgetful). I never finished it but here we go in attempt to keep this blog updated this year...

1. Last weekend we finally took our Christmas down on Saturday, then a birthday party for this sweet ONE YEAR OLD, baby Nash, on Sunday!

it was nice to get the house back in order...

Cade enjoyed some time at the dove field with Chad and his cousin Carter. This boy loves it!

2. Tuesday night I kicked off my birthday week fun with two sweet customers who have shopped with me for so long, they're now just the sweetest friends. It's amazing to see who God has brought into my life over these past 10 years and all the wonderful women I've met through Sugar. Between us three, we have SIX BOYS (all two boys each) and they've been wonderful "boy mom" mentors and friends ever since!

outfit was this awesome Crosby vest from a few years ago + Lilly blouse + Spanx Faux Leather leggings which are AMAZING. If you've been on the fence, just do it!

We aren't allowed to put Spanx online, but you can call us at 864.229.6322 to order

I got the shrimp & lobster ravioli and it was to die for.

3. On Thursday I took off to Atlanta for gift market to order a few things for Sugar and also meet one of my favorites, Emily Ley. 

I read "Grace not Perfection" a few years ago and most recently read her newest book "A Simplified Life". I also use her planners and LOVE. She is the sweetest and it was so fun to meet her at the book signing!

After ordering a few fun things for Sugar, I traveled over to Ballard Designs Outlet on the way home! OMG so much good stuff, I was seriously overwhelmed.

They had my rug I've been eyeing for years now and it was perfect size, perfect condition. It was MEANT TO BE. You should have seen me trying to fit that 9x12 rug in my Explorer! ha

i looooved these chairs, omg.

4. We are re-doing our living room this year and getting a new sofa since we've had ours for 10 years now and it's just too big of a sectional for the room. Now yes, I have two little boys so this isn't all that practical but here's some inspiration - one of my favorite Ballard living rooms...

I'll do another post soon with what I'm thinking for ours! Oh and Ballard had that exact Durham Coffee Table as a Doorbuster for $99 and I had to walk away because the ones left were just too nicked or wobbly. I did steal a huge canvas for $24.99 though. More pics soon!!!!!!

and a recap of my birthday weekend. 

woohoo, here's to 34! 

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