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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Here's a few snapshots from our weekend this past week (not in order, oops)...

Sunday night we went to hear Aunt Coco sing in the cantata at Main Street United Methodist. Santa even made a surprise visit afterwards!

Charlie was too scared to sit on Santa's lap this time. Here they are trying to act like they're on the nice list ;) 

and this was earlier on Sunday before church that morning...

Charlie would NOT take off his camo coat for the picture. He is soooo my head strong child!

and they are both silly as can be...

on Saturday our elf Skip made a sleigh and was waiting on the snow (since everyone else got it but us I believe!)

and one morning he brought candy canes that tested whether the boys had been naughty (if tastes like licorice) or nice (if taste like strawberry)

I worked all day Saturday, so Saturday night was time for hot cocoa, movies and snuggles...

Friday night daddy bought a gingerbread house and had craft time with em'. This is kinda their thing. Next up, he says it's mommy's craft time! HA

and this was Friday morning before school when Skip turned into a super hero....

Skip brings more joy than havoc in this household and the boys love searching for him every morning. To be honest, it's made it a heck of a lot easier to get Cade out of bed in the mornings soooo....

Now onto another busy week full of Cade''s school Christmas performance and a full weekend of parties and girl time . WOOHOO!

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