macy's first birthday party.

Monday, November 27, 2017

what. a. month.

how is it almost December? I know I sound like a broken record talkin' about how time flies 24/7, but I literally sit back and think "where does the time go?" I also think "I need more hours in a day", because I swear Ive been so busy this month it doesn't seem as if there's enough.

while being busy = a great thing in retail, there comes a point about this time of year when I just need to quit the "busy-ness" for just a sec...take a pause...regain my focus and just take. a. deep. breath. We plan on going out of town later this week so I can just snuggle my boys and spend some QT family time...and literally get a breath of fresh air in the mountains. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

so here's my attempt at a recap, since I'm determined to keep documenting aaaaall the things here on the ol' blog.

the second weekend in November I helped my sis plan and prep for the most fabulous first birthday party for my niece Macy. Y'all know me. I love to throw a good party. Oh and the fact that I got to help plan a party with all the pink + gold + glitter = well, basically I was ecstatic. 

may or may have not went a little overboard, but we sure did have fun and that sweet baby had the bestest birthday, for sure!

one of Court's talented friends made the cake. she ordered the cake topper on Etsy and then we added flowers + cake stand she already had...

I ordered the marshmallow lollipops online + favor tags from Etsy. The vase + vase fillers are from Hob Lob (vase fillers in the Christmas ornament section)

the pumpkin cupcake toppers are from Etsy too (don't even know all of her sources but she found a lot of cute stuff from Etsy + we love supporting other small business gals!)

love how she displayed Macy's pics with an antique gold frame

if the monogrammed napkins look familiar, it's because we used them at her baby shower last September. (and yes, Aunt Sanni had already thought about how perfect they would be at her first birthday party because that is the type of OCD party planner / think ahead-er that I am)

two proud big cousins right here...

Macks parents got Macy the most ah-mazing Benz for her first bday. LOL We were dying over this car y'all...

Macy and Aunt Heather

just look at this big girl!!!!! HOW!? 

their group of friends and aaaall the babies...

one happens to be my store manager and I don't know what I'd do without her!!!


it was such a fun party and the best birthday to celebrate our sweetest girl!

still can't believe she's ONE. 


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