Wednesday, November 1, 2017

So a little Halloween recap for ya! We started the day bright and early with me helping get Cade into school with aaaall his cupcakes for his class party + treats for his classmates then I headed straight to work to get some things done early...

 I snuck out of work a little early to get my monkeys ready to trick or treat. Y'all, these costumes are from Target and I snagged them on sale + the tee I'm wearing is from this cute shop on Etsy! I had to have it. Couldn't resist.

Love these silly monkeys!

Cade saw his buddy Troy, who met us over at the house for pizza before trick or treatin' and saw his Lego Batman costume and quickly wanted to change into his Motocross - geez. Charlie was happy as could be to be a monkey, but my days of getting Cade to dress up as a theme are likely over.  We headed over to Erskine College dorms first...

and met up with friends...

Then we went to Abbeville to my brother in law's parents house and to see great-grandma Frieda too. This monkey loved Cheetos and suckers the best...

My niece was a SEAL for her first Halloween and if you know her daddy (Mack Seal Hite....Seal is a family name) then you know that's why she had to be a seal. I found this costume YEARS ago on sale for like ten bucks and bought it thinking if and when they ever had a child, this is what they could wear. Well, last night aaaall our dreams came true seeing this gorgeous baby girl dressed up as a seal. haha is she not the CUTEST?

this is our silly circus for sure...

We made a few more quick stops on the way home and the boys were all candy'd out. Fun, fun Halloween and now I can not BELIEVE it's November. Aaaaaahhhhh

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