charlie's first trip to the zoo

Monday, October 30, 2017

and our niece Macy's too! 

first child (Cade) you take to the zoo two or three times before they're two and a half. second child: finally gets to go at two and a half. #reallife

cade was out of school friday and after working so much at Swoon the past weekend and a long Thursday of photoshoots, I was ready for a fun day with my boys. Cade was definitely ready and too cool for school, as always...

First up it was haircuts. Charlie's third (attempt!) at a haircut and Macy's first...


So charlie calmed down after getting the cape put on him and then he saw the hair drop onto the ipad as she cut it and the child FREAKED. OUT. Like screaming as if someone were murdering him. I held him down a bit and she quickly finished. She cut a LOT of hair. Whew, this haircut was much needed! Now he looks less like my baby Charlie and more like a LITTLE BOY. *cue the tears*

big bro Cade is a pro and has gotten approximately 230858 haircuts throughout his five years it seems. haha one thing about it - our hair grows FAST in this house and we've all got a head full of it. lots of trips to the barber shop!

After fresh cuts it was time for lunch at Yardhouse...

Then we made it to the Greenville ZOO!

Funny story from earlier in the week: 

ME: "Cade, are you ready to go to the zoo?"
CADE: "Yeah, I wanna go see the monkeys"
ME: "Charlie, are YOU ready to go to the zoo?"
CHARLIE: "Yeah, I wan' go see the Lion Guard"

Can you say too much Disney Junior in this house?

Pretty sure he thought this was Kion or Simba...

After the zoo we finished the day with a trip to Krispy Kreme! 
Definitely a Friday FUNday had by all. 

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