West Palm Beach :: September 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another quick 48 hour trip to West Palm Beach to order Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2018 for Sugar! This time I took along one of my long time bffs from Greenville and we were to meet up with another bff from North Myrtle who was meeting us during the layover in Atlanta. Our friend Cameron had no idea we were bringing Heather (NMB friend and long time high school bestie to Cameron who is my ZTA roomie/bestie since college and is now living in Tampa).

It was an early 3:30 wake up that left me racing to swing by Beth's apt to pick her up and make it to the airport around 5-5:15. Our flight left at 5:50! (GSP is a small airport) None other than Ben Boulware was on our flight, which amused my Clemson-lovin' husband when I told him. Anyhooo, so yes we left out of GSP early and then met up with Heather at our layover in Atlanta! 

Once we arrived in WPB around 10:30 it was time to surprise Cameron when she picked us up from the airport (again, who had NO IDEA that her bff Heather was coming to join us!). I wish I had uploaded the video we took on YouTube to share because it was SO GOOD. Cameron was SHOCKED. Here's the kicker: it was Heather's birthday that day so we were all ready to celebrate! 

We scooted over to our hotel, Brazillian Court, and had a quick brunch before hitting up the pool. Our room was amazing - a large two bedroom suite with a living room area for LESS than what I paid to stay at The Colony during our last trip to WPB.

Lilly Pulitzer Dev Dress in Drop Me A Lime (so insanely comfy!) // GIGI Crossbody is from Blossom Shoes & Such
The pool area was small, quaint and oh-so-beautiful...

It started to cloud up so we went on inside and got ready for dinner at The Breakers to celebrate Heather's birthday and Cameron's upcoming September birthday too!

Heather is wearing the Karlie Cabo San Lucas Maxi Dress
The Breakers is absolutely GORGEOUS. This was my fourth or fifth time visiting and it's still the wow factor every time. We decided to have dinner at HMF. Super plush, comfy seating (hence why we sat there for hours talking and never wanted to leave) and amazing tapas.

so good and so much fun catching up with some of my favorite ladies...

We wanted to go by Taboo for a night cap but they were closed (remember this was a random Tuesday in West Palm) so we hit up our hotel bar and talked with fellow West Palmer's about their evacuation plans (or lack there of) for Irma...

The next morning it was SUNSHINE and palm trees as Heather and I walked over to order Spring 2018! I can only take one other person with me and no pics allowed. Spring looks amazing, as usual and it was a quick showing as they knew everyone was scurrying to board up homes and prep for Irma (arriving that weekend)

After we ordered Spring, we had to show Beth and Heather The Colony and we decided to have lunch there...

After lunch, we went to the beach and took fun pics! 


it was crazy (and scary) to me to think of what WPB would experience in the days ahead with hurricane Irma on the way. Thank goodness they were somewhat spared...

Many were boarding up homes , stores were closing, and the lines for gas were getting longer at nearly every stop we passed.

We made it to the airport around 2-3 and our flight was on time to leave around 4:30, yet Heather's (heading to NMB) was delayed. Things were already getting crazy at the airport and I was just so thankful to get out of there and get home to my babies!!!!

It was a whirlwind of a week for our friend Cameron who left Tampa and came to Charleston during the hurricane. Again, so thankful her apartment and another's friends home in Tampa was ok! 

Prayers for everyone who is still picking up the pieces in Houston, Florida and the Carribean....
I pray hurricane Maria doesn't hit the US so bad this week. Then I pray no more hurricanes for this year. PLEASE.

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