Watch out Kindergarten!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I go back, read this post and it brings back a flood of memories. The anticipation, the preparation we experienced for months before our sweet boy arrived. 

Then you are flooded with some of those emotions again, the week they begin "big school". Cade has enjoyed the local church preschool three mornings a week for the past two years, but big school means new friends, new everyday routines, and learning so many NEW things! 

His bookbag was monogrammed, his new tennis shoes and outfit laid out. I purchased this book on Amazon and sat it out beside our anniversary flowers and his plate he's had since birth! Sausage biscuit was this guy's request for breakfast on his first day of big boy school.

He hopped right out of bed, daddy read the book to us while I made coffee and Cade ate breakfast then he quickly got his clothes and shoes on. I spiked up his hair into his "faux hawk" he loves. We went on the front porch to take a few pics. I've used this chalkboard for his monthly pics, his brother's monthly pics and now...

When we arrived to Cherokee Trail Elementary and the parking lot was packed with parents and little bookbags aaaall filing in. We happened to pull up next to my bestie since 8th grade, Ruth, and her two boys. Cade was so excited to see them and I think it helped to see familiar faces from the get go. We all walked in together...

We walked in his room and his teacher, Mrs. Watson, took our picture then Cade walked right over to his seat (he had found it Tuesday night when we dropped off school supplies and met his teacher). He had three other kids at his table, one of which was in his preschool class last year so again ... familiar faces. He basically just looked up to me like "mama you can leave now!", so after one more quick kiss I was off. 

I took the day off since I knew I wanted to pick him up on his first day at 2:30, so mom and I took Charlie and niece Macy to Cracker Barrel for a fun breakfast. We made sure to buy big brother a prize for when he gets home from school...

We then went to Abbeville to my sis' in laws house to take Charlie's two year pics I desperately needed to take on their porch to match big brother's we have hanging in our dining room. It was SO HOT, but he did great and I can't wait to share those pics soon. After a trip to my mom to get Sugar window display supplies out of her storage building, then lunch, playtime and some work from was TIME TO GO GET CADE! 

Loaded up both Macy and Charlie (three car seats in the back, a car full!) and headed to the long line to pick him up. He told us he had such a fun day!!! Corn dogs for lunch and he loved recess of course, since he saw other preschool friends that were in the other K-5 class (Mrs. Hopkins) and even some older friends like Brantley, etc...

I'm so thankful (and proud!) that he was such a big boy and is so excited about school (for now!). Praying that he (along with the teachers) have a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!

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