total eclipse day :: 8.21.17

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I took the afternoon off yesterday to spend time with my kiddos (Abbeville county schools were closed), my mom and sis' fam. Chad had to work, but had instructions from the USPS to pull over during the eclipse. As if he were going to deliver mail in the dark...hmmm... ha!

We were ready for this once in a lifetime experience with our eclipse glasses and other treats purchased from the Due West Lions Club and the Abbeville Chamber of Commerce...

my glasses were so crooked and wouldn't stay on any of our faces. we were cracking up...

Macy was like whaaaaaat are these fools doing?

Some were more excited about the eclipse than others. Was it just me or did the eclipse have the kiddos going bonkers? No? Just ours????

Charlie finally "chilled" his his Mickey seat just before the total eclipse happened. For some reason we decided the swings and seats around the shop was the best place to watch! 

It all just seemed to have happened so fast, but it was absolutely awesome. Craziest, wildest experience. I definitely forgot my camera, so in almost total darkness ran in to grab it and will never forget how dark the inside of the house looked at that moment, mid day!!!

Stepped outside on the back deck, looked up and that's when I captured this. Only took two pics with my good camera of the entire day! 

Again, such an awesome experience that I just had to document the day.
A once in a lifetime experience.
We missed daddy at work, but so glad to spend it with my babies!

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