Big Frippin' 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

That was our hashtag on Instagram for this trip because it was certainly a B I G time! Like I said, 15 kids (all under the age of nine might I add). 20 adults. 

3 houses. 

127 beach toys. 68 PB & J sandwiches. 94 Capri Suns. 65 diaper changes. 34 pairs of flip flops (litereally. everywhere. some probably still out in the ocean right about now). 48 loads of laundry. 12 pounds of shrimp for a low country boil in a 100 quart pot. 11 Yeti coolers. 56 GoPro videos.

A whole lotta fishing, a whole lotta food and a whole lotta fun to bring our Summer to an end! Here's the rest of the pics...

We had 8 adults and 8 kids (all BOYS, all nine and under) staying in our house at 378 Sea Bass on Fripp Island. Two being Chad's sis and bro-in-law, then his first cousin and her husband and his best friend Casey (basically like his brother, so you might as well call him family) and his girlfriend.  Chad's parents and their best friends (parents of Casey) stayed in a Fripp Villa condo (bless them. they deserved peace and quiet from the chaos!) and then we had friends (8 adults and 7 kids) staying oceanfront on Tarpon. Friends whose kids have grown up with our kids (most stayed together at Mrs. Kim's for years when they were younger) and we've known most all of them for 25+ years basically. 

We would load up golf carts everyday to go over to their place (we left beach chairs and beach toys there for the week, thank goodness) and again, it was one big time! The kids really love it and with so many others to play with, they're always entertained. A lot different than our Fripp trip last month...maybe not so much relaxation, but still a lot of fun! ;)

so. many. beach. toys.

If they weren't boogie boardin' in the ocean (the boys mostly stayed out there - seriously little fish) or if they weren't building sandcastles and burying themselves, THEY. WERE. EATING.

Seriously. We went through so much food. Used a loaf a bread per day for sandwiches. Sooo many Capri Suns and small bags of chips. These boys can put away some food. 

We were there seven nights. The first night we did pizza from the food court place on the island. Then each family had a night to cook. We had roast beef, bbq sandwiches, chicken tacos/Mexican night and baked ziti/Italian night. Then one night we did a huge low country boil for EVERYONE at our house and then one night we called in Bonita Boathouse To-Go (another restaurant on the island right there near us at the marina) 

We also watched a lot of movies. Boss Baby (again. ohmygah the kids love it. if you haven't seen it, it's a cute one), King Kong Skull Island, and Passengers (random, with Anne Hathaway. It was weird). Here's a picture Chad took of both the boys laid up on me one night watching movies. Beach life at it''s best. No plans, no schedules...just laid back relaxing with my babies. That's what it''s all about. (and I swear I had on shorts in this picture, you just can't see them! HA) 

The aftermath of ice cream from the ice cream shop. They would sometimes take golf cart rides in the afternoon for a sweet treat...

enjoying lemonade and frozen drinks at the Cabana Club...

the littlest decided to steal Aunt Monk's beach hat...hilarious...

When BAE isn't texting you back...baaaaah

Blakely lovin' on her NEW (as in just 10 days new) cousin...

if you've ever been to Fripp, then you're familiar with the deer! 

firin' up the pot for the big low country boil...

lots of shrimp, corn, red potatoes, onions and sausage. oh and Old Bay seasoning. Lots of Old Bay (+ the hubs' other secret ingredients...) It was SO good.

again, everyone couldn't help but to love on this precious newborn baby, Eva Rose.

one night we also went to the kids dance party up at the Beach Club, complete with free "Fripp juice" and popcorn for the kids. Even the adults had fun!

rare moment of them being still and sweet...iPads were the only way we could get sandwiches made, bags packed, and get ourselves ready!

this one cracks us all up...

selling seashells down by the seashore. no, really...

the last day it began to rain about mid-afternoon and it rained a LOT. After the storm passed, the boys had fun playing in the puddles. It really doesn't take a lot to entertain them and for that, we are thankful :) 

Saturday morning it was time to head home, but not without a quick stop at the Fripp store and pic on the alligator! 

and that's a wrap! Until next year Fripp...


and since I love looking back and seeing how much the kids have grown, here's our trips to Fripp or Harbor Island with Chad's family and/or friends over the past seven years... 

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