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Monday, July 10, 2017

Well after a weekend full of partying for Charlie + a fun 4th of July, we continued to have an eventful week last week. 

You see, our little birthday boy broke his collar bone. 

No, I'm not joking.

He actually broke it the day before his party and we didn't even know! He barely cried when he fell and has fallen much harder many, many more times before. Long story short: we took him to our pediatrician Wednesday who sent us for X-Rays that determined it was in fact a broke collar bone (the only signs we had was that he wasn't using his left arm much). Then she referred us to Lakelands Ortho to have Dr. Powell look at it and luckily it was just a normal break, not displaced, and he said we could try a sling, but likely he wouldn't keep it on. 

Well, we tried aaaaaand nope. He wasn't having it. He still doesn't use the arm much and just kinda holds it up like it's in a sling, which is a good thing. They said it's so common for toddlers to have this type of break due to falling out of cribs, etc... but y'all. We think it happened when he fell off of a ride at the mall last Saturday that was barely two feet off the ground!!!!! I mean, crazy. He seriously barely cried, then continued to play all night. Baffling. Dr. Powell said it would heal back perfectly within three weeks. I'm so glad it wasn't his arm of he would be in cast! We are lucky. 

Of course, we've been watching him more carefully and limiting play, even though the doctor said let him get in the pool and play and do whatever normal activities he wants to do. Others just have to be careful about picking him up (under his arms) and of course knocking him down back on that arm again like his brother tends to do. Sheesh. Such is life with boys! I will update in three weeks and document how he is doing. He is tough as nails, that's for sure.

So back to our weekend. After all the doctors appointments, last Thursday BBQ vendors, festival food trucks, rides and more began setting up in Uptown Greenwood for SC's Festival of Discovery! Not sure why it's called the Festival of Discovery, but if "discovering" new fun food and blues is what you're looking for then it's the perfect festival to come to! Always a huge deal. 

My favorite is the BBQ tacos with "slawsa", which I had for lunch on Friday then picked up traditional BBQ sandwiches for supper that night! Oh and a funnel cake in between. Yup. Diet began back up again today, trust me...

On Saturday morning the boys and I went to Sugar to work for a bit, then I took them to ride a few rides Uptown at the festival. We were going to get even more BBQ, but opted to grab a pizza instead when getting a few groceries. After we got home late afternoon, we headed to the lake for a "sunset cruise" on the pontoon and to do a little fishing. 

Honestly, 1. I thought it would be a good way to "contain" Charlie on a boat and also make him wear a lifejacket, aka: bone protection. LOL Seriously though. Surely he will sit still on a boat ride, right? He did for the most part and he loved it! 2. We were so concentrated on Charlie for the entire week that I thought my oldest needed a little fun and some time spent doing something he really wanted to do - FISH. 

"Lake Days and Boat Waves" Hat // $24

It really was a jam packed Saturday. The boys were a handful, but good as always. They love helping me shop! Here's Charlie with new lifejackets we needed for the boat...

finally soaking up some sunshine and fishing with friends...

captain Charlie...

the most gorgeous sunset...

then we came back home and made a fire on daddy's new fire pit and lit leftover sparklers. Charlie was conked out for the night but Troy and Cade had a blast! 

Sunday we decided to do it all over again, except this time we took my fam out. Macy's face and new thing she does with her lips just kill me. Hilarious!

and again, Charlie absolutely loves it!

Saturday we went to Lake Secession (smaller lake that's 15 min away from us) and Sunday we went to Lake Russell (larger lake about 20 min away that has no houses on it, only state parks). It's crazy how clear Lake Russell's water is! We use to live right smack dab in between the two lakes for years and that's where I grew up. I kinda miss living so close, but then again we are blessed that is is only a less-than-thirty minute drive!

I'll leave you with this video of our Charlie at the doctor's office on Wednesday. Again, you'd never know he was hurt. The kid cracks. me. up. We just thought Cade was our little comedian...

Have a good week guys and keep praying Charlie heals right on up, super fast!
Thank you in advance

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