fripp 2017 :: part two

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Back at it again with more beach pics...

die over these adorable Beaufort Bonnet Company swim trunks I snagged at The Frilly Frog

this little one LOVED the water...

and they all loved playing at the park on cloudy mornings! There's a couple of parks on the island with lots to do...

sun's out , gun's out ;)

catching more baby sharks. EEEEEK!

he. absolutely. loves. it.

One night mom and Charles so graciously kept the kids so me, chad, court and mack could go on a sunset cruise (which we did last year with the kids (again, Mack and Chad weren't with us), but knew it would be fun to take a cooler and apps (which they let you do) since we saw another family do that last year. Make it more of an adult cruise and have some parent time/adult time :)

I love this new Meredith Tunic by Lilly Pulitzer in the Beach and Bae print! It's loose, flowy (just how I like it) and easy to throw on with white or pink shorts. So comfy. 

The Goverre Wine Cups we're holding were a Shark Tank invention and sold two doors down from Sugar at Main Street Market! They're like sippy cups for adults. Seriously. Get you some.

It was the perfect evening, they take you around the island and teach ya a little bit of history while they do it. You also see a TON of dolphins and check crab traps.

Nothing like a little charcuterie in Tupperware for the boat ride ;) 

Chad even loved it! Great little date night that we had not had since Chris Stapleton concert in May...

gorgeous Fripp sunset

love this crazy crew...

The rest of the trip we fed a lot of deer...

and went out to eat one night at Johnson Creek Tavern, ate entirely too much fried shrimp and it was fabulous!

i mean seriously? i can't even handle these two. 

their outfits are Kelly's Kids

check out this photobomber...

Court is wearing one of my favorite new Karlie tops, the Summer Fling Top in Orchid

more golf cart rides...

and pool time

then these crazy fools cooked shrimp & grits one night and it was ah-maze. I swear my husband needs to open up a restaurant with his dad and they would make it by selling shrimp & grits and my father-in-law's ribs alone. 

pajamas were Carter's steals!!! Charlie is wearing size 4 and Cade is wearing size 7. No, I'm not joking. LOL

last beach day. i love this coverup and while it's all sold out at Sugar, we do have it available in solid white which is also so good.

When you tell Charlie it's almost time to go home...

I feel ya, bud.

gotta make those hand-me-downs count. i love that they both have the same initials!!

It was the best vacay and lots of sweet memories were made! 

Now it's back to reality and almost time for Charlie's second birthday.....aaaaaah
cue the waterworks.

Can we just revert back to last week, please?


  1. the fact that chad is smiling (with teeth) in that boat cruise pic is great! love it. you definitely need to frame that one.

    1. ain't it though? it only took us like fifteen years to take a good pic together LMAO. Definitely framing :)


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