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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chad just measured the size of the two shop windows and built a very plain, solid window box out of 1x8 pine and added pieces to make sections inside (although not even necessary). Literally just a bottom and four sides. All you need!

then I gave it two good coats of exterior black paint and my father-in-law also made the brackets. Chad drilled holes in the bottom of it and here's how it looked mounted. Yep, they just drilled straight into the vinyl siding.

Next, it was time to plant! Charlie is thinking "Really guys?? MORE flowers????"

I laid them out to get an idea of how I would arrange them in each box...

We used Rex Begonias in the center, Tuberous Begonia and New Guinea Impatiens on each side. Then for the "spillover", Easy Wave Petunias, Variegated Vinca and Blue Daze Evolvulus. 

I tried to find annuals that required no more than 6+ hours direct sun. Most are 3-6 hours, but the petunias are full sun. However, they likely thrive anywhere! That side of the shop gets morning sun then lots of afternoon shade. 

TIP: We put empty water bottles and rocks at the very bottom, then layered the potting soil to give it better chance to drain. Also he put a thin layer of black mulch on top to prevent potting soil from flying everywhere when we watered it.

...and here's how they look today!

I'll report back end of Summer. Fingers crossed they THRIVE!

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