the "shop" reveal (aka: mancave)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Well friends, the "shop" / "mancave" / longest Summer project ever is finally complete. Ok, almost. To read more about how & why we started this little shop project, click here

After much patience with our builder (he's great, just building is always a longer process than you think...) + several DIY projects, we finally landed a sweet spot to house the hubs' most prized possessions and watch a little football with our boys too! 

Here's a peek at how it looked a few weekends ago before we hosted friends over for a big Clemson game...

The longhorn was on my dad's barn/shop behind our old house. We took it and knew that if we ever built a shop again, we would use it! It looks great mounted under the porch above where we put the tv. Oh and all that barnwood on the ceiling? All from old buildings on Chad's parent's property, cleaned, and hung by Chad himself (with the help of two friends Will John & Casey)! 

It really turned out great. The light above the door? I purchased to use inside our house somewhere and never did. Even though it's probably 1. too small 2. not neccessary , I was bound and determined to put it to good use since I never returned it.

The flush mounts were from Amazon. Another family friend and Chad did all of the electrical themselves too...

Next up, the two chairs I have drooled over at for years. Legit, years. Ever since I saw them over at Emily Clark's blog on her patio, I had to have them. Waited until they went on major sale at end of Summer and snatched them up in the color that was the cheapest (aka, probably most unloved, but since the hubs is a Clemson fan I figured the "pumpkin" color wasn't so farfetched for us)

I added pillows and a rug from Ballard Designs outlet , a throw blanket + garden stool from TJ Maxx to try and tie it all in...

My special touch on the "mancave" was painting the side door Lap Pool Blue by Behr (Thanks for the rec Ashley @ Houston House Designs!) I knew I had to put a blue door on it to liven it up and I do love it (despite that Clemson doormat in front of it!) 

The hubs has been diligently working on his bermuda grass to fill in all the mud. I am truly amazed at how fast this stuff grows if you really work with it. It's looking great and sooo much cheaper than sod for now. Oh and the swing in the background came from Chad's grandma & papa McClain's porch. An iconic part of the family that we are honored to have. His dad built the T-stand for it and the boys are lovin' it. You can even sit and swing and watch the football game from it. I hope friends and family love it for many years to come...

I stuck our "house divided" garden flag and a mum in this spot just for the weekend, but eventually we will plant a tree in this spot of the landscaping (which we designed and did ourselves!) Again, a lot of sweat went into this thing and we no, we still aren't done...

So glad we decided to "shake" the front of it to match our house + the garage door matches too. The little white box in the top window is the WCTEL point to point cable, so ignore that. The barn light looks a little crooked too but it's from Barn Light Electric and it is so perfect. The fourth light we've ordered from them and we are always 100% pleased every single time...

Cade wanted to pose for a pic. Oh and the two lights above the top window our super bright LED flood lights for Chad's beloved late night cornhole games. God forbid we not have enough light for those...**cue eyeroll**...again, it is his mancave so whatever...

I am so glad he has a spot for all of his "things" - whether that be tools or deer heads.  Just a place to keep it all together + have the guys to hang out, friends, etc... all at the same time. Our boys have already enjoyed many weekends out there helping Chad work on projects and I know as they grow up it will only get better. Truly time to cherish, just as I did with my dad in his shop. Excited for more updates and will post more of the inside soon too! Lots more to do....


  1. This turned out fabulous!!!!!!! Prettiest "shop" I have ever seen. Although it could be confused as your guest cottage. I could live in that!

    1. You are too sweet. I absolutely LOVE the door color and think of ya everytime I look at it. It's the perfect color. I could live out there too if I could stand the DEER looking at me ;) HAHA Cray.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks friend - it's already junked up, but #MEN i mean am I right? ;)


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