Monday, October 10, 2016

prayers for everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew. 

The pics we are seeing on social media of our beautiful SC lowcountry that we love to visit oh-so-much? Heartbreaking. 

I've had so many stop by the store today who are out and about browsing because they had to evacuate the coast and are staying with family in Greenwood. Their schools are cancelled all week. They just walked around in a daze like "what are we suppose to do for a week?". Some of their friends were shuffling back and forth between hotels. I think back to the devastation friends in Columbia experienced with the flooding one year ago this month. I just can't imagine having to go through any of this with their families or being a business owner, having to rebuild an entire business you've worked so hard to establish.Just the clean up everyone on the coast will experience over the days ahead...devastating.

This is a view of Fripp Island, our favorite place to vacation and my landlord here at Sugar also has a house at Fripp + his parents live there. The bridge collapsed in parts where it meets land and there's still a lot of flooding. He said no power for two weeks or more. They can't even get on the island to truly see what's going on, just hearing feedback/seeing pics from the very few who were crazy enough to stay behind! 

pic of road leading into Hunting Island and Fripp, power lines down everywhere.. article here.
and Haiti...

Breaks. my.  heart. 

I can't even.

Again, prayers for all. 

My heart pours out to you and we will pray for strength for everyone in the days ahead!!


  1. Steven's mom lives on St Simons. The causeway is in bad shape and she is unsure as to when she'll return home, they're thinking they will let residents back on the island in the next 3-4 days. Have you seen the video of the Mayor of Edisto? She has such a positive attitude in the wake of everything. Praying for everyone that Matthew effected!

    1. oh my! No I haven't seen it but that is awesome and I think our Governor Nikki Haley also did an awesome job of preparation / addressing our state during all of this. **praise hands** So glad no one was hurt and praying his mom gets to return home soon and everything is ok...just awful ...


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