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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Just a recap of a few pics on my phone and what my boys have been up to lately!

On the Saturday I was so busy running around like crazy setting up for my sister's baby shower, my mom and Charles took the boys to the Fall Festival in Due West and then to the Anderson Mall. Cade was brave enough to try the jumpy thing (?) in the food court! They sent me this pic and my word does my boy look BIG. He's growing up so fast. Seriously breaking this mama's heart and I know I'm going to blink and he's going to be a whole handfull - FIVE YEARS OLD in February. 

in this pic I swear he looks fifteen. he is the funniest, silliest, sweetest thang. on this particular day we were visiting Beth's grandmother at the Hospice House (prayers for this family as Mrs. Wilma passed away about two weeks ago. She will be one missed lady!! So sweet!!) then we went on to see Grandma Frieda. He wanted to take cookies to Beth's mom Jane. He really is so thoughtful and always giving compliments. Maybe he's just a big flirt :) but I sure hope he stays this sweet forever!

posing with a new haircut before his preschool pics! 

another sneak peek of our SkyTop Orchard visit in Hendersonville, NC last week! Can't wait to share more pics of these two throwing apples all around the orchard soon

Now onto a pic of my baby boy. Oh, my little blue eyed baby boy. These eyes and that grin get him whatever he wants!

Onto this past weekend... I mean, clearly I lost a bet somewhere...

Yep, a little outnumbered and can not believe Chad put our boys in ORANGE. 

This pic just breaks my heart yet melts it all at the same time!

We had a few friends over (umm like 50) to watch the Clemson game down at the shop and fun was had by all! Glad they won so the hubs would stay happy, but have no fear boys will be back in garnet this week. I mean after all it IS almost Halloween and let's just pretend they were playing "dress up" ;) 


  1. cade gets his thoughtfulness/sweetness from his mama fo sho! you are raising him right. still melts my heart remembering that BIG hug he gave me on our OG date and telling me he was so excited to eat dinner with me. he's my buddy for life.

    1. that really was the sweetest thing and I can say 100% not prompted by me at ALL. Makes my heart smile. I hope he's always that sweet, loving, and just as excited about the little things in life (like date night with mama and aunt bef) as he is about the big things in life. hope to teach him that the little things (which are not "things" at all) is what life is all about anyways **cue fist pump** aaand maybe a few proud "mama tears of joy"


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