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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Last Thursday I let Kayla run the store and I loaded up the boys to head to Hendersonville, NC to check out SkyTop Orchard, along with my mom and Charles. SkyTop is open seven days a week, 9am-6pm!

It was a cooler morning but by the time we got up there by 11:30 or so it was already in the 70s and the sun was beaming. When it went behind the clouds, it felt great. So did the breeze. We picked the apples that were ready (they give you a list) and took a few pics because I couldn't resist...well, my mom took these first two of course...

all Charlie wanted to do was THROW the apples (which is posted everywhere that you are not suppose to do!)

Loved Charlie's little reversible jon jon from The Frilly Frog! It reverses to a tractor with a chicken sitting on top of it. Find it HERE.

word of advice: just wear your Nikes. seriously. i had on comfy flats but trucking up and down those steeps hills and pulling this load? not good.

such awesome views...

never have I ever seen black apples...

they have animals you can feed, hayrides (you buy tickets for this), slides and swingsets, a sandbox... 

Charlie didn't know what to think about the animals but of course Cade loved. I should have saved the snaps I took on Snapchat, but you definitely need to purchase their apple cider doughnuts and also try the apple slushies! Yes, apple slushies. Delish and very much welcomed with the heat. They also had popcorn for sale, apple butter, apple bread, anything and everything you can imagine. It was all SO good! We loaded up all of our purchases and headed back down the mountain. It's a great little day trip, only an hour forty five minutes for us. Would definitely recommend if you're in the Upstate. We will definitely make a trip back next year and take the cousins!


  1. i did read this blog post, but i need to point out that you never take a bad picture and i mean the pictures you are in. you look GORGEOUS! apples look good on you. :)

    1. oh please friend, what you DIDNT see in the pics was the sweat rollin down my back - gross. it was so hot but hey, i had to wear that shirt for pics to match my boys - anything for them - yes yes !!!!! ;)

    2. but thank you, you are always too sweet of course and that's why i love you !

  2. Oh goodness your boys are precious! I love the pictures so much, what fun ages y'all are at right now!

    1. you are too sweet and yes, such fun (and mostly exhausting! due to teething right now...) ages they are at but I always have to stop and remember to soak it all in, because my word do they grow up entirely too fast!!!!!!!


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