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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

While I'm waiting to upload pics from the baby shower, here's another check on our "Summer Project To Do List". We got this one done just in the nick of time and it was actually a project that fell into our lap!

No space to hang bookbags, t-ball bags, shoes and more. With two boys, ages 1 and 4 this is a must! Also no space to organize things like our spraypaint, gardening tools, flags, beach toys, etc...that were spread out all over the garage. No, seriously.

Create "mudroom lockers" / drop zone in our garage to organize all of the mess using items we already had + free wooden bookcases my sister/bro in law aquired from previous owners when they recently purchased their new home. 

They didn't want to use them, so I said "Well I'll take them!" (because helloooo, I'm never going to pass free furniture). It wasn't until we arrived to pick them up, that my mind got to spinning and I immediately knew what I was going to do with them.

Here's what the bookcases looked like before. We had two tall ones I knew I would use and one shorter one, which we took over to Sugar.

We also had an inexpensive cube organizer we had gotten from Target or Lowes years ago and just used to hide some things in the garage, but as you can see we didn't do that very well. Such a mess!

I decided to remove the top two shelves of each bookcase and paint the bookcases/cube organizer Valspar Celadon Pottery. It's a pretty aqua blue (my favorite color). I used Valspar furniture paint, which you paint right over the wood or even laminate furniture - no sanding , no priming. The hubs added a 2x4 to better hold the hooks since the backing of the bookcases was thin particle board. It took me about two coats (and two weeks (!!) painting them on and off when I could in our HOT garage) 

The result was so worth it though. All of the pieces fit together like like a perfect puzzle!

I removed the blue fabric cubes we previously used and replaced them with black ones I scored at our local Dollar General. The antique wooden box on top was from my dad's shop and holds little trinkets the boys collect (my husband included) - from old shotgun shells to camo playing cards

The wire basket with copper handle is also from Dollar General. The chalkboard tags are from Hobby Lobby. 

I couldn't pass up this cute wooden sign when it was on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby. We already had this row of hooks and again, perfect fit for that spot and perfect to hold the boys' hats!

Also scored these black and white striped hooks at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 each. A perfect dupe for these $18/each hooks from Anthropologie that I've drooled over for years! The grey plastic bin with rope handles were $9.99 each at Lowes. They're large and sturdy. I tried to put their names in stick on vinyl, but for some reason it didn't stick to the plastic bin well because of the finish? I resorted to small chalkboards from Hobby Lobby and just hot-glued them on!

The chevron indoor/outdoor rug runner from Ballard Designs outlet was moved from our hallway inside (we got a new plush wool runner for inside) and fit perfect here as well!

We've also had this wire basket for years and it's perfect for my boys' favorite things...

Our garage has made a complete 180. Such a HUGE difference from the chaos before and as you see, we still have plenty of space to fill with shoes, new organizers, etc... Now let's be honest, I'm not sure how long my boys can keep it like this, but I certainly am more likely to keep a spot tidy if I have "a place for everything and everything in it's place". It was such a huge relief to finally get this space organized...especially when it cost me LESS than $100! 

Please feel free to share more tips on how to keep your garage / mudroom space / laundry room / drop zone organized and tidy. Especially if you have little ones {eesh!}. I'd love to hear!


  1. I am drooling over this!!! You did an amazing job!! And who passes up free furniture!? LOL! I'm right there with you though - much more apt to keep things a certain way when I have a place for everything to go! Again, amazing!! Love it so much!!

    1. thanks sweet friend!! It already looks a mess with these wild boys, but hey at least we DO have a place to put it all once we clean it up. haha happy friday xoxo


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